Granite Belt Water Relief is back in business at the Old Landmark Building.  IPP Fran Hodgson was there to present the receiver and distributor of the water to Russell Wantling who has worked tirelessly with Samantha Wantling and their many volunteers during the drought and until it is over.  Its not over yet! There was a lot of action this morning with Archerfield Rotary Club (Dean Brothers) George Dean delivered the load that took his milestone to 3 million litres of water delivered during the drought, to the town of Stanthorpe.  Senator Paul Scarr was there to congratulate the leaders and their team on an amazing inspirational effort.
He also brought along the Brisbane Rotarians who put on their fabulous Butter Chicken.
Alongside them were our Stanthorpe Rotary Club members who got there early for handing out the free BBQ sausage sizzle to volunteers and water collectors.  Chanel 7 was also there.