Posted by Julia Hassall
Apple and Grape Float Notes from President Fran Hodgson
The Rotary  float highlighting our Autumn Cup Race Day Charity  Event  won First Prize in the not for profit section of  Apple and Grape Grand Parade.  Ann Richardson was the project manager, providing the design, organizing  all the bits and bobs to go on the float and supervising the workers.  Well done Ann... you are amazing.
Thanks so much  to Chris Pascoe for driving the truck so gently, to the worker who prepared the truck  and the floaters: Melissa and Tessa as bookies; David , Alec , Peta , Kylie and Fran as the punters , Jo and Carl handing out brochures.  Props for the float were provided by the Puglisi family from Ballandean Estate, Chris and Tamara Reedy, the International Club and Bill Humble. We were so excited to win and had many comments from onlookers who said we appeared to be having a lot of fun on the float and that’s the impression we wanted to give about our Race Day.