Saturday saw the arrival of Lorenzo Mazzoli, our newest Youth Exchange Student, from Italy. Lorenzo was met at the Brisbane International airport on Saturday 3rd July at 7pm.  His plane was delayed on the tarmac by 90 minutes in Abu Dhabi, so a long flight became epic. Thanks to Youth Director David Lee and Judy, Counsellor Gino Cabria, president Stephen Tancred and District Youth Exchange Program chair Chris Thurtell from the Surfers Sunrise Club for forming the airport collection party.
Lorenzo was good company on the way home, lapsing from English to Italian conversation with Gino.  He commented as we drove up Cunningham’s Gap “So this is the nature”, which we corrected to “the bush”.  He was ecstatic to see big kangaroos grazing on the side Eukey Road and when he alighted at Bill Bonners he immediately remarked in the “clean sky”.

Hi I'm Lorenzo Mazzoli, I'm 16 turning 17 and I live in Breno, which is a small village in Camonica Valley, in the north of italy. In my free time I play soccer/football but I like playing all sports, I also like to listen to music and play video games. At school I study ten subjects which are math, italian, english, philosophy, latin, history, science, art, P.E. and phisics.
I have five lessons per day which go for one hour each.

Everyday (except sunday) I go to school for 5 hours. School starts at 8 o'clock so I must wake up at 7 o'clock and get ready. For example on monday I have 2 hours of math, one hour of latin, one hour of philosophy and one hour of english. If I could choose the subjects in my school they would be the same that I do now but without latin and with more P.E.
My favourite subject is P.E. because I really like playing sports and doing P.E. in general.

I have had some experience of being a leader as I am the captain of my soccer team. I like my house, I think it is big, I have my own room, which is where I study in the afternoon, since my house is close to school I walk, which takes me five minutes. My father is a ophthalmologist (doctor) and he works at the nearest hospital and my mother is a chemistry teacher who works in a school in Breno. She also has a cosmetic brand in a village which is 15 minutes drive from my house. I have just said I lived in a very small village through the Alps and so there aren't a lot of economical activities. I'm interested in all sports but as an exchange student I would like to improve my english and I am entusiastic to learn a new culture. I went with my grandparents to Estony when I was 8 and it was my first trip abroad. I also went to Spain with my grandparents, Ireland and England to improve my english and also once to Austria. I have no problem with food and will eat almost anything. One of my biggest pro, which is also a con is that I'm very self-confident. When I'll be older I would like to become a doctor but it will be so difficult. With this trip I would like to enhance my english abilty, meet new and interesting people and my wish for when I return to Italy is to be a better person with a larger knowledge of culture.