Words like ‘depression’ and ‘anxiety’ are often misused and mis-understood. Understanding and talking about mental health in general can be a minefield for many of us too. That’s where we can help- our club is delighted to welcome you to a special event with speaker Wayne Wigham- a lived experienced speaker for Black Dog Institute.

‘Breaking Down Depression’ is a free 40 minute presentation delivered by a community presenter who shares their lived experience of mental illness as well as the latest information and tools from the Black Dog Institute. The presentation covers causes, signs and symptoms of anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder, when and where to seek help and practical strategies for helping a friend or family member.


Wayne has been a lived experienced speaker for Black Dog Institute for 10 years. Wayne was first diagnosed with Depression at the age of 10 and has experience dealing with the illness through schooling, a teaching career, ten years as a professional Rugby League Player for and eleven years as a professional Firefighter and business owner. All through these careers Wayne battled through misdiagnosis of his illness, drug and alcohol abuse through self-medication and relationship difficulties. Wayne’s personal journey - highlights the fact that mental illness can affect anyone. Wayne is passionate about breaking down the stigma of mental illness and the absolute importance of recognising symptoms and seeking help at first opportunity.

Wayne frequently talks to adults and young people about mental health and mental fitness and is an advocate for people avoiding the ‘tough guy’ myth attached to seeking help for mental illness.

A very informative presentation by Wayne at the International on Tuesday.  Wayne asked the question "Who do you have the most conversation with?"
Of course its yourself.  That non stop internal dialogue.  When you have depression, that becomes very negative.  If you hear that inner voice telling you nonstop negative thoughts, seek help straight away.  Sometimes all you need is an anti depressant.  If you have a cold you get a tablet for it - Depression is an illness also and needs treatment too.
An important take home message was Dont give up on your friends,  Everybody needs praise.  Remember to tell people they are great.  And most importantly be proud of yourself.