You may have see folk around town recently with one purple fingernail. September is Rotary World Polio Awareness month. In 1985, 350 000 new cases of polio were detected in more than 125 countries around the world. Rotary International has contributed over a billion dollars since then to eradicate this disease from the Earth. In 2016, only 19 cases of polio have been detected in Pakistan and Afghanistan. It is Rotary’s hope that by next year, this number will be zero. The purple painting of pinkie fingernails is to bring awareness of this great battle against a crippling disease.
Rotary has also had a strong push for awareness of mental health issues throughout September. The club held a fundraising ‘Hat Day’ meeting earlier in the month where we all came along in a funky hat and with an interesting story for other members about said hat.
The international contingent of our club has been hard at work finalizing the packing of a shipping container with medical and educational goods to send to Fiji. A small group of volunteers will meet the container next month in Fiji to help the goods onto their final destinations.
Rotarians would like to congratulate the SSHS students who represented themselves and their town recently in a state wide culinary challenge. These students cooked their award-winning meals for us at a recent meeting. Rotarians always love to support the endeavors of our local youth.
A small working bee was held last weekend at Villa Carramar to tidy up and replant the front garden so that residents can be rejuvenated with a little spring growth and cheer.
All in all a very active month for the Stanthorpe Rotary Club!