Karma at the ball with Rotarians Jim Baxter and Stephen Tancred.
This 21-22 group of Young Ambassadors raised an amazing $101,000 plus together. 
Congratulations to our Young Ambassador Karma O'Reilly for participating in this community spirited activity during her University gap year, raising over $10,000  for the community.  It has been a wonderful year of adventure and learning for all the Rotarians and friends who participated.  Karma's comments were that it has been a wonderful learning experience for her and her family.  She has been a wonderful Ambassador for our Rotary Club of Stanthorpe.  Thank you Karma.
Karma has already begun her University Studies in Brisbane and we wish her well.
Pictured above the Ambassadors and Karma with her "Tui" Grandma and Grandpa and her Mother Megan. 3 generations.
On the float, Karma with Grandma O'Reilly as passenger