Jim Wilkinson joined Rotarians at the International Club Dinner meeting along with co presenter Rotarian Paula Passi to discuss their commitment to the Botanical Garden Project on Quart Pot Creek.  
Jim outlined the reasons why Stanthorpe would benefit from this project, which is different to the earlier proposal which included an Art Gallery, which was rejected as being too costly by SDRC previously.  
Jim and Paula also showed us the different stages of the project which would be more manageable to the community as shorter stage projects which Rotarians feel is more achievable.  
Jim is proposing walks along the creek where he can explain the project stages to interested members of the community and Paul is going to get a steering committee together and champion this project.  
They have already been in touch with SDRC for the revamped project.
Many other town projects have been very successful, not only for the town as a community, but attract tourism to the town in which they have begun.  Even from very early stages of the Botanical Garden development.