2021 a special year for Australia and New Zealand. We celebrate the 100 years of Rotary Service. The first Rotary Clubs in Australia were formed in Melbourne in April 1921 and Sydney in May 1921. Today Australia has over 1000 Rotary clubs in every city and town connecting 25,000 members. We have come together from different cultures, backgrounds, professions, and corners of the country to create a common legacy. Think about the impact we made in 100 years!
A special anniversary deserves a special celebration. A time to reflect on our impact. A time for friendship. A time to regenerate. This is so important as we will not have another chance in our lifetime! Let’s make the best of this opportunity of a lifetime to engage every Rotary member.
Rotarians Think Big. Taking on nation building projects. (list major projects initiated by your club)
You name it, Rotary has done it over a 100 years! We are the champions in bringing communities together.
It's the time to discover what is the best way to mark this occasion and create a legacy that propels Rotary into the next century of service. Let’s reinvent and regenerate! With 1300 members our Rotary District is the fastest growing Rotary geographic area in Australia. In the last 200 days we attracted 200 new members to our 57 Rotary clubs. With 36% females our Rotary District has the highest percentage of female Rotary members in Australia. With 8% under 40’s we have the highest percentage of young people in Australia.    
The Rotary 100 Baton relay will run for 100 days across all our 57 clubs in Northern NSW and South East Queensland ending on 15 May at the Rotary International District Conference in Twin Towns in Tweed Heads. This baton relay demonstrates Rotary’s unity and diversity. It’s a relay with a cause that will engage with many in our community. A cause Australia connects with. In this 100th year “Rotary says No to Domestic Violence.”  So, let’s make an impact and join our communities to promote safe families in Australia.
At our Monday meeting this evening, we were priveleged to hear of Anna Henderson's year as an exchange student in Cremona Italy during Covid lockdown.  
We also heard about Natasha Lacey's experience at the RYLA camp and Sam & Hunters experience at RYTS camp.
Thank you to all our guests this evening who shared the Rotary experience with our speakers and members.