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Waste Not Pantry Project 🌳 Satellite Club Initiative
February Bulletin Update supplied by Ann Richardson 
With school starting and families back into routine, the Granite Belt Food Support Scheme Pantry stores needed restocking with our jams, sauces, pickles and chutneys.  Local school Breaky clubs needed jams too - red jams, of course!
We had done well at local and Beachmere Christmas markets in selling more upmarket products to build our seed funds for this year's production. A large batch of bottles and sugar was purchased.
Two cooking days were held - 12 and 26 February at Suttons. David Sutton has helped us become more efficient - he now cooks large quantities in his commercial cookers and we use Sutton's commercial processors to prepare fruit and veges. Our members and friends still prepare and cook small batches of more specialised produce.
Big batch simple products like Grape and Apple Jam, Peach and Nectarine Jam and Tomato Relish will be labelled with black and white labels and sent to the schools and pantry. Other produce like Spicy Tomato ketchup, Plum Sauce, Mixed Berry Jam and Capsicum Relish will be prepared for Rotary Raffles, gifts for guests and street stalls with coloured labels.
A total of 676 bottles were made on the two Sunday mornings in February. What an effort!
Thankyou to all who provided and collected produce, brought resources to Suttons. prepared produce ready for cooking and to those who cooked up a storm! Thanks also to those who have been selling the product at markets etc. A special thanks to Ros and David Sutton who do the planning and offer their Commercial facilities. 
Congratulations Satellite Club
(Recognition Of Significant Effort) District award 
Waste Not Pantry Project 🌳 & Satellite Club Update
March Update supplied by Ann Richardson 
The Satellite Club continue their fundraising bbq’s at the Markets in the Mountains.
Customers at previous Sausage sizzles had asked for egg and bacon burgers so that’s what was provided. They sold out and topped up with more! Great effort contributing to funds to send local kids to youth camps!The team made $404.75 in food and $72 in jam; total  $476.75 
Over 600 bottles of preserves were labelled at the last Satellite meeting. We earned our shared dinner. Many jars are being delivered to School Breaky Clubs and to the Stanthorpe Food Support Scheme. 100 of the Apple and Grape Jam were put aside for Anna’s fundraising and another 100 or so special batches were stored for gifts and raffles. The highlight of the night was when Chair Leeanne announced that we won the District Rose Award for our Waste Not! Project.
This is quite a unique project which provides everyone with an opportunity to be involved in a variety of ways.
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