Stephen Tancred gathered together a team of willing workers for Thursday 3rd December, who together were able to be the caterers for a local group of growers for their Christmas Party.  It is a wonderful way to support the local community and raise some funds for charity at the same time.  Congratulations Team.  Pictured facing camera from  left to right Jim Baxter, Stephen Tancred, Gail Baxter and Geoff Marsden.  
Jim, Gail, Geoff, Stephen and Peta catered for 150 farm workers at Eastern Colour on Thursday night.  Steak burgers, sausages and pavlova.  Stephen convinced a lot of Korean kids the meat was kangaroo steak!  The Pacific islanders didn’t seem to care but the East Timorese definitely avoided it!
The evening was rounded out by very welcome rain, so a very pleasing time was had.