Posted by Julia Hassall
On the 18th at Suttons Juice Factory in Thulimbah the Stanthorpe Rotary Satellite Club finalised the Paramedic Andrew Bell's suggestion to provide the local Police Officers with the Tac Med Kits.
There to receive them was Sgt Shane Gleeson, who was seen wearing his Tac Med Kit the following day.  Sgt Gleeson told the Rotarians how thankful they were for receiving the Kits, but hoped they wouldn't have to use them, but explained how important the TacMed Kit was.
The Honourable James Lister MP was there to tell the story of how it all came to be.
Blood loss is quick and is one of the main causes of pre-hospital fatalities. Without proper action, someone can die within minutes. Motor vehicle crashes, industrial, farming and sporting incidents can result in major haemorrhage. Our local Stanthorpe police, in trauma situations, are usually the first responders. Sometimes, scene safety prevents ambulance crews reaching potential casualties until the police have secured the scene. Yet the police lack the lifesaving equipment necessary to act as first responders.
Rotarian Belinda Lister was at a previous Rotary dinner and the guest speaker was Andrew Bell, local Ambulance Paramedic, who happens to be the husband of Rotary Club of Stanthorpe Satellite Chair Josephine Bell.
Andrew was explaining that the local police were not issued with this important safety resource and hoped that the Rotarians would be able to supply them.  Belinda immediately got on the phone to James and explained the need.  James Lister MP made a donation to Rotary.  Rotary then purchased the items and realised Andrew Bell's wish.  Local police now carry this important safety and potentially life saving resource on their jackets.  Thank you James Lister MP and Andrew Bell