Congratulations to Chantelle Bongers for her polished presentation “My Year in Denmark’. It took Chantelle 6 months to understand the language and 8 months before she could speak fluent Danish. It was only when she got home that she remembers dreaming in Danish!!

Chantelle persevered with her studies despite the language difficulties. She was in the International Class and studied 5 languages. With her school she travelled to New York and Washington DC in the USA and had 10 days in Turkey. She went shopping for groceries in Germany, and had an amazing YEP safari through 7 countries in Europe. Disney Castle in Paris and the Palace in Copenhagen were favourite haunts. She said she found it strange that alcohol could be purchased at school and was available at school functions—the Legal age is 16.Chantelle is highly skilled in Taekwondo and established a Taekwondo club while she was in Denmark. We hope you make it on to the Australian Olympic team, Chantelle.
Chantelle is to be commended for attending every meeting at her Rotary club while she was in Denmark.

We all enjoyed Chantelle’s presentation and were impressed with her mature response to the member’s many questions. As Dianne said in her vote of thanks, "Chantelle has been a wonderful ambassador for the YEP Program and has reminded us what wonderful opportunities YEP can provide for young people".