Rotary Club of Stanthorpe
Rotary Club No. 17908 in District 9640
Meets 2nd & 4th Mondays
6.00 pm for 6.30 pm 
International Club, Club Road 
Please let Julie Beddow know for catering purposes
before 10am Monday - 0428 178 618
President:                            Julia Hassall 
Vice President:                    Julie Beddow
Secretary:                            Kim Thorburn
Treasurer:                            John Vichie
IPP:                                       Fran Hodgson
Acting Satellite Chair:        Jo Bell
President Julia's Message
Monday 14th June is Member Only Meeting Club Assembly
If you require dinner it needs to be booked with Julie Beddow before 10am Monday - 0428178618.
A time to reflect on the last year’s achievements and activities and make recommendations for the future of our Club. This is the final Assembly of my Presidency.  I look forward to hearing new ideas that the Club can improve on or be inspired by.  Our incoming President Jim Baxter, will be able to take these on board in his year.  New beginnings.
As Kim said in his email with Minutes and Agenda, “this is your Club and the Board runs the Club based on your input. So come along, find out what’s been happening in your Club this current Rotary year and have a say as to the future direction the Club should travel in the year ahead! All voices/suggestions will be heard, so please come and join in.
Thank you to Jim Barnes for the Pride of Workmanship Event organisation.  I have added a story to the website with photos.
Karma O’Reilly our A&G Young Ambassador’s raffle was drawn at the POW Event.  I have added winning tickets on the website.
Let it Snow.   …… Speaking of snow, Karma will be looking for helpers at Snowflakes in July, a roster will be in the next bulletin along with some fundraising ideas you may like to help her committee with.
A wonderful Satellite meeting was held on Wednesday, Melissa was the guest speaker and her hospitality students prepared our meal.
Most interesting and enjoyable meeting.  Chair Jo organised the year ahead with the members help.  The new Club printer was on display and the new Freezer and equipment is now in the shed. 

Speaking of the Shed.  A date will be forthcoming to sort the shed.  There are old items that decisions need to be made about.  Some items are destined for Fiji.  Others may need discarding or given to Donations in Kind. 
IMPORTANT:  Chairs and board members please send in a written report for circulation to me:, I will send them out on Sunday. (Kim is an apology for the Assembly)
Written reports circulated, give all members a chance to reflect on your report before the meeting.  If a motion is required at the meeting, please add this to your report. 
End of year reports please are required by Monday 22nd June, 2021.  Melissa has kindly offered to help assemble the 68th Annual report which will be presented at the Changeover on the 28th.  If you haven’t booked for the Changeover, please do so.
The Satellite Club have bottled some Jams and pickles.  There will be some available for sale at the Assembly $7 per jar. They are scrumptious.
It was wet on Tuesday, so the rock assembly at quart pot creek was rescheduled until next Tuesday 15th 8am.
Have a great week.

Julia Hassall

President 20-21
0488 297 956

Rotary Waste Not! Pantry Project - 

Thank you SDRC and Australian Government!

Rotary Stanthorpe’s Satellite Club was a recent recipient of a $5000 Community Drought Program grant provided by the Southern Downs Regional Council and the Australian Government.
Kitchen equipment purchased will be used to produce non- perishable pantry products from donated perishable food to fill the Granite Belt Food Support Scheme. The Scheme is an outreach service offered by the Granite Belt Neighbourhood Centre; providing food baskets for those in need so that they can maintain a healthier lifestyle. Fresh produce is donated to the Scheme from a range of local sources. Our Rotary Waste Not! Pantry Project takes perishable donations not consumed by the scheme, freezes them until cooking day, then turned into non-perishable pantry items such as jams, pickles and sauces.
The equipment purchased by the grant includes induction cookers, pots, preparation tools, measuring equipment and packaging tools. All equipment is stored in our Rotary Shed along with an upright freezer for temporary storage of raw materials.  A colour printer was also purchased to print labels for the items packaged that list the required food packaging information.
This same equipment would be available for use at other Rotary Community Projects. For example, the cookers and pots can be used to offer home-made soups at various functions that we cater at for community service, extending our range of food offerings from BBQs. As with all equipment owned by our Rotary Club, other Community groups may access the equipment to assist them in their community endeavours.
This project:
- reduces waste of perishables donated to the Food Support Scheme in quantities in excess of demand
- provides a greater range of products available to Scheme customers, including jams, sauces, pickles, etc.
Some preserves are made specifically to sell at markets. Funds raised will be used to buy staple products (rice, pasta) for the Food Supply Scheme (staples are not donated in quantities that meet demand).
Some of the Waste Not! products such as jams are given to the local school Breakfast Clubs, with obvious advantage in helping schools feed their students as a better start to the learning day.
Some Waste Not! products are used by our Rotary Club as raffle prizes in ongoing fundraising for other local products. For example, funds to support applicants to attend Rotary Youth Camps at no cost. A small amount of funds will be kept to supply basic ingredients such as sugar and pectin for the making of the products for the Food Support Scheme.
To date the Pantry project has made almost 1000 jars of preserves.
So many benefits from our little Pantry Project for so many people!
Rotary in Action!
          This project received grant funding
          from the Australian Government

Monday Meetings Rotation

Each Month
1st  Monday  -  Board Meeting 
2nd Monday  -  Guest speaker, bring a guest along
3rd  Monday  -  Zoom Meeting 
4th  Monday  -  activity, information or guest speaker, bring a guest along
5th  Monday (if there is one)  -  social event organised 
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The Rotary Foundation
Each Bulletin Melissa will be teaching us a little more about The Rotary Foundation - what it does and how we can be a part of it.

Bring your towers in on Monday! Why?


The Rotary Foundation is the best steward for your money. Here’s why.

In 2016, The Rotary Foundation received the highest possible score from Charity Navigator – 100 of 100 points – for its strong financial health and commitment to accountability and transparency.

It was the ninth straight year the Foundation earned a four-star rating from the independent evaluator of charities across the U.S., a distinction only 1 percent of charities have attained.

The Association of Fundraising Professionals likewise named the Foundation the World’s Outstanding Foundation for 2016, an award previously given to other familiar names such as Kellogg and MacArthur.

These organizations agree: When you donate to The Rotary Foundation, you’re investing wisely. We followed your money from start to finish to discover how the Foundation ensures that your gift makes an impact for years to come.

Directing your donation

There’s a reason Rotarians donate to The Rotary Foundation: It’s a simple way to achieve your philanthropic goals – whether it’s supporting clean water, the eradication of polio, or a particular global grant. 

Any gift can be donated to a specific fund – End Polio Now, an individual global grant, or one of Rotary’s areas of focus.

“Even the smallest of gifts can be donated to a specific fund – a global grant, polio, or an area of focus within the World Fund,” says April Jensen, a member of the Rotary Club of Evanston, Illinois, USA, who works in fund development for the Foundation. You can also leave your gift unrestricted so that the Foundation has the flexibility to use the money where it is needed most.  


Investing your money

In 2015-16, 91 percent of the money the Foundation spent went to programs and grants, with only 9 percent of expenses going toward administration. How does the Foundation make sure that the bulk of your donation supports the sustainable programs you want it to?  

“To ensure that the funds for the project are there when needed,” says past Rotary International President Ron D. Burton, chair of the Foundation’s Investment Committee, “all contributions to the Foundation’s Annual Fund are invested for three years.”

After three years, the investment earnings on your gift go toward the operating expenses of the Foundation.

The Investment Committee includes three Foundation trustees and six Rotarians who are professionals in the field, who make sure that your money is invested responsibly during this period. 

When the three years is up, the investment earnings on your gift go toward the operating expenses of the Foundation. 

“I don’t know of any other organization like ours that has a system like this,” Jensen says. “It’s brilliant.” 

Your principal is split 50/50, with half going to your District Designated Fund and half going into the World Fund, a pool that the Trustees of The Rotary Foundation use to match grants where they are most needed.

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