Rotary Club of Stanthorpe
Rotary Club No. 17908 in District 9640
Meets 2nd & 4th Mondays
6.00 pm for 6.30 pm 
International Club, Club Road 
Please let Julie Beddow know for catering purposes
before 10am Monday - 0428 178 618
President:                            Julia Hassall 
Vice President:                    Julie Beddow
Secretary:                            Kim Thorburn
Treasurer:                            John Vichie
IPP:                                       Fran Hodgson
Satellite Chair:                    Janelle Bell

President Julia's Message.


Ann advised that our new shirts are available and can be collected from John Vichie’s shop.  However,  Ann will deliver Satellite members shirts to members at the next face to face meeting and John will bring the shirts to Monday meeting for Monday members.

Monday International Fun and Fellowship

Julie has organised some crosswords to challenge our thinking during this focus month of numeracy and literacy, thank you Julie.  John will be presenting as Julie is taking a well earned break.
Last Monday zoom meeting was a very productive meeting.  It was also a very interesting meeting where we learned the importance of Club Fellowship.
Thank you to all members and friends of Rotary who helped out this month with Meals on Wheels.  Please remember that the time to be at the hospital is 10.45am.
I linked in to the Rotary Zone 8 virtual conference and found what I listened to very inspiring.  “one size in Rotary doesn’t fit all”  There are many different ways that Rotary members can volunteer and volunteering certainly inspires members and has been the way to health and happiness.  Covid has put a damper on many planned events, but it has also been the inspiration of other events and activities.
At the meeting we discussed the negatives in the recent “my experience in Rotary” survey to members and were able to find many ways and ideas to resolve those negative.
Jim Barnes has confirmed that the Junior Craft Event will go ahead – refer event dates.
Membership has planned a breakfast meeting on the 13th October, please contact Jim Baxter for details if you wish to join the committee.

Some Membership Years of Service Statistics

Membership is currently as follows:-
30 plus years of service 4 members. 
20 - 29 years 2 members. 
15 - 19 years 2 members.
10 - 14 years 1 member. 
5 – 10 years 1 member. 
16 members in our club have been members for less than 5 years with 3 of those less than 1 year. 

Quote for the week

“Fellowship remains a fundamental core of being a Rotarian”  RI President Holger Knaak
Looking forward to seeing you all on Monday.

Stanthorpe State High School Principal Mr Justin Kuskie, receiving a cheque in support for the High School's Breakfast Club. Plus receiving a thank you gift for being an interesting and entertaining guest speaker at our last face-to-face meeting. 


Monday Meetings Roster



Monday Meetings Rotation

Each Month
1st  Monday  -  Board Meeting 
2nd Monday  -  Guest speaker, bring a guest along
3rd  Monday  -  Zoom Meeting - Thanks to Fran who will host this
4th  Monday  -  activity, information or guest speaker, bring a guest along
5th  Monday (if there is one)  -  social event organised 
Anna Henderson - August Report from Italy

This past month has been extremely eventful which has been amazing. I went on a few smaller adventures with my host family including a beautiful walk along Lake Garda, exploring the mountains, visiting small towns and spending time my host sister and my new friends.

The biggest adventure however was a 2 week holiday to Sardinia. We spent the whole 2 weeks relaxing at the beach and visiting some beautiful places, all while living in my host family’s camper. We travel down the west coast during the first week and a half and then back up the east coast the last few days. Between our time spent swimming at the beach we went to visit the “Ghiara Plateau” which is home to a heard of while horses and cattle, that live off the land with minimal human intervention (they only supply water as Sardinia is very dry in the centre). It was incredible to see these animals living off the land.

We also visited “Il Giardino Sonoro” which translates to “The Sound Garden”. This was the most incredible place that we visited during our holiday. It is an interactive museum and art gallery all in one. Natural rocks that have been cut and when you rub one rock against these pieces they become like a musical instrument and make music. It is hard to explain how incredible it was, however, I will attach some photos below. There were hundreds of unique pieces of art and we spent over an hour “playing” each rock. Overall, it was such an incredible holiday and I am so grateful that my host family took me to visit some of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.

My language skills are improving every day and I am now able to watch films in Italian without Italian subtitles and understand almost everything. This was an amazing milestone for me, and it has helped me prove to myself that I can accomplish anything if I put my mind to it. I also recently finished reading a book in Italian (Harry Potter and the philosophers stone). I chose a book that I have read many times as it One of the biggest parts of this exchange for me was to create friendships and meet new people from all over the world, as well as learn everything I can about the Italian culture and lifestyle, and being able to speak with people in their native language is a huge part of that. I know I still have a lot to learn, but I am proud of how far I have come in the past 8 months.



I will be moving back to Cremona in the coming weeks as I will finally be returning to school. I am so excited to see my old friends, however I am so sad to leave current my host family and friends here in Calcinato. I have spent the last 3 months building an amazing relationship with my host family, and creating lifelong friendships, but I am sure that I will be back to visit them soon.

The coronavirus situation at them moment has been fairly constant for the past 4 months. Most shops are now open but wearing masks is still compulsory when in public, and most people are obeying these rules thankfully. We are hoping that there will not be a second wave when students return to school in a few weeks. The government has put rules and regulations in place for students returning to school, and it will be half online and half in person, with each class divided into 2 groups.

This summer has been incredible and I am sad to be leaving all my new friends and family that I have found here, however I am excited to be starting school again and to see my classmates.

Thank you all so much for this incredible journey, I would not have been able to have any of these experiences without your support. Although I have had a very atypical exchange it has been an incredible, character building experience and I am so thankful to be here.


The Rotary Foundation
Each Bulletin Melissa will be teaching us a little more about The Rotary Foundation - what it does and how we can be a part of it.
This week's information is about The Rotary Foundation - Basic Education and Literacy and COVID-19. Following on from our Guest Speaker SSHS Principal Justin Kuskie's topic at our last face-to-face meeting, I thought I would find out a little more about how COVID-19 is affecting schooling and education around the world.
If you would like more information about COVID-19 and how it is affecting education around the world, please click on the link below.

5 ways to support education during the pandemic

The COVID-19 crisis has created significant challenges in education. Developing remote learning plans and using new technology compounds the already complex task of teaching children and achieving the desired educational outcomes. Rotarians are quick to want to help, but not all responses have the same kind of impact. Read these suggestions for Rotary clubs wanting to support education sustainably through a global grant project.

  1. Always start with a community assessment.
    Meet with community leaders, parents, teachers, and students to learn what initiatives are already in place and what the community is capable of and willing to support.
  2. Don’t reinvent what already exists.
    After you’ve determined if other organizations, particularly governments, are addressing the problem, coordinate your efforts with them to complement their approach.
  3. Prepare and equip teachers.
    Teachers need to be supported and trained before they can embrace alternatives to in-person school that are dictated by physical distancing, such as remote learning plans.
  4. Focus on the long term.
    It’s tempting to want to fix a problem immediately. But sustainable solutions take time to develop and implement.
  5. Communicate with regional grants officers.
    Many education efforts involve components beyond the basic education and literacy area of focus. Connecting with Rotary’s grants officers will ensure that efforts across multiple areas of focus are concentrated on a comprehensive solution.

Facing the challenges of COVID-19, Rotary clubs and partner organizations are finding new ways to support access to education.

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