Temporary suspension of Rotary Club Meetings
Notes from President Fran Hodgson
Last week I mentioned that the DG Harry’s partner, Shauna had Rotary against Malaria as her project for this year.  That was incorrect. Shauna’s project is the Malaria Vaccine Project which is a fundraising project to support the work of Professor Michael Good and his team at the Institute for Glycomics at Griffith University at the Gold Coast.  I am sure that the club will support this project with funds at the end of my Rotary year.
We live in interesting times.  As our RI President, Mick Maloney says: “ This COVID 19 pandemic is an unprecedented challenge for nearly all of us. But it is also an opportunity for Rotarians to find new, meaningful ways to lead individuals and communities to connect and do good in the world.”
Although we are not having any formal meetings as a club for at least the next month and possibly longer, it is important to remember that we are still an active club and need to look for other ways to connect with each other and  to serve others in the community. I am sure that we , as Rotarians, may be called on to fill gaps in volunteering situations that are likely to emerge such as more Meals on Wheels days or support elderly people with shopping etc.  If any member sees a need to be filled, please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss how we, as a club, can help.
Congratulations to Ann for, once again, organising a superb meal for the Sunshine Coast Caravan group at the Glen Aplin hall on Friday night. The evening was a great success  and the Caravanners were very happy.  Please read their attached promo telling everyone how great our club is. Thank you Kim for arranging for our Club  to be part of this adventure and to all the club members who helped out…. A great turnout of green shirts.
Thank you to Jim Baxter and Jim Barnes for doing the BBQ at the Water Relief on Saturday. Reminder that we have our Meals on Wheels week from 6th – 9th April.
Further changes to our calendar include:
Satellite Business meeting cancelled for April.
RYLA has been cancelled.
The 9640 District Assembly planned for Saturday 16th May 2020 to Saturday 14th November 2020.
The 2020 International Convention in Honolulu is cancelled.
Unfortunately the Ubunta Choir has also postponed their Australian tour until 2021….. see  below the  letter from their organisers.
Hi all,
Firstly I want to thank you for your unending support for Kwaya and the UBUNTU team. We have built a solid family over the years and this situation is demonstrating the strength of it. As you can imagine the kids are devastated. They were inches away from hopping on a plane to come meet, love and entertain you. 
I'm not sure if I told you the story of the Kenyan kids coming on tour. When they were little ones, they queued at Nairobi airport to begin the journey of a life time travelling with the African Children's Choir around the world. Sadly the Kenyan government decided on that day that the kids were not allowed out of the country until they turned 18. 
They were still sponsored by the ACC and have now just graduated high school They were selected to be a part of UBUNTU 3 to travel to Australia. They trained their little butts off and were ridiculously excited about coming to meet you. It was to be their first time on a plane and to stay with a host family. Can you imagine? Three weeks before they hop on a plane to Australia their dreams were once again crushed.
We have had many discussions and given the uncertainty of what is to come for the rest of this year, we have decided the best course of action is to postpone the tour in it's entirety until same time next year. It will be the same program and same dates. We pray that it will be the same area hosts and host families.  So arrival date will be Sun 4 April 2021 and departure date Sat 3 July 2021.
If we follow the trajectory of China (3 months from first case until now when temporary hospitals are not needed and work is resuming) things will have (hopefully) well and truly settled by the end of the year. By April 2021 people should be confident and ready to hug each other again.
Please let me know your thoughts. Are you happy and able to have us next year, same time, same program?
Again, thank you. One of the reasons we bring these kids to Oz is to connect with people like you. The fundraising is a bonus 
I am constantly told that the Bunties, who have travelled to Australia, have exceeded academically and in job successes more so than their peers. This is because of their interaction with people like you. We need to keep that going.
Marsha Gusti
KwaYa Australia
As we maintain the social distancing required to try to’ flatten the curve’ of the virus,  Julia will continue to produce a bulletin each week and I will  maintain contact through clubrunner.  Now that my calendar is not quite so full I will hopefully have more time to master it!!!
A few Laughs ( hopefully)
I wish people would stop asking me where I think I’m going to be in 1 year. I don’t have 2020 vision.
I put up a high-voltage electric fence around my property over the weekend, my neighbour is dead against it….
Last night, I dreamed I was swimming in an ocean of orange soda. But it was just a Fanta sea..

The Suncoast Caravan Service Grass Roots Tour Successfully Continues in West Queensland
We started on the road Friday 13th March, after five days on the road and three communities, the Grass Roots Tour has contributed over seventy-five thousand dollars direct into these communities.
“This is exactly the desired effect that we had hoped to achieve. We have been overwhelmed by the reception we have received from the communities of Stanthorpe, St George and Cunnamulla to date. We are confident that this support will continue for the remainder of the Tour through South-West Queensland.” Said Adam Twist, General Manager Suncoast Caravan Service.
“Grass Roots Tour participants are continuously amazed by the friendliness of the communities and we are humbled by the participants on the tour, with their willingness to give back to these disaster affected communities.” Said Adam Twist.
“The communities in south-west Queensland’s response to the Tour has been overwhelming. Which is evident from a very special message received by the owners of the Nindigully Pub.” Said Letitia Twist, Marketing Manager Suncoast Caravan Service.
“It was so heart-warming to see many of your group filling our pub last Sunday 15th March. It was by far our best day since last Novembers annual RFDS Nindigully Pig Races in many ways. Your members were very friendly and patient. Our entire staff and town population of 8 were really happy with the workout as we do often get bored. I have no doubt ourselves and every town you visited in western Queensland wants to give you all a big hug for coming and supporting us. Without your emotional and economic help many businesses out here would be forced to close the doors forever.” Said Burnsie and Deb, Nindigully pub owners/operators since 2002.
“Over the duration of the Tour so far, we have been able to assist local community organisations including Stanthorpe Rotary Club, St George Rotary Club, Eulo Polo Cross Club and the Cunnamulla & District Diggers Race Club.” Said Letitia Twist.
President of the Stanthorpe Rotary Club Fran Hodgson commented, “We have had a really hard time in the last twelve months. It’s green now and our spirits have been incredibly uplifted, but it is a green drought. So the farmers are still struggling and they will for another twelve to eighteen months and so are the businesses. And I think what you have done (Grass Roots Tour), coming here is the best thing you could do to bring and lift the spirits of our community and also bring some money into our pockets. So thank you very much.”
“We still have two destinations to go and the Tour has been everything we had
hoped it would. The participants have overwhelmed us with their generosity and
comradery that has developed on Tour, which has been incredibly uplifting not only
for us but the communities we have visited.” Said Adam Twist.
The Tour concludes Sunday 22nd March.
For further information, please contact Adam or Letitia Twist 0431417746 /
For further information, please contact Nindigully Pub 0428744292
For further information, please contact Fran Hodgson 0428229153
Photo 1 attached: Tour attendee Brett Murray with his children Jax & Zayd at
Nindigully Pub.
Photo 2 attached: Fran Hodgson, President Stanthorpe Rotary Club.
Photo 3 attached: Tour participants pictured with Adam Twist, celebrating after
raffles were drawn.  
Ann organised the food
The hall was full
Happy campers
District Conference Cancelled
Kind regards
DG Harry
Amiens 100th Anniversary Celebrations

Two people required for each Saturday.  Please contact Peter Watters to Roster your help.  We are still in recovery!

Saturday morning Sausage Sizzle at Granite Belt Water Relief old landmark building highway Applethorpe


Rotarian (in charge) and support staff

On call if need be

Apple & Grape No BBQ  
Thanks to David Muir and Peter Watters for last Saturday
21.3.20 Jim Baxter and Jim Barnes  
28.3.20 Jim and Gail Baxter  
Douse the Drought 28th to 30th August 2020
Also visit our Club Website and District Website for more information and events happening in District 9640 and in our club
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Autumn Virtual Race Day
Back to the Sixties in Tenterfield
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