Rotary Club of Stanthorpe
Rotary Club No. 17908 in District 9640
Meets 2nd & 4th Mondays
6.00 pm for 6.30 pm 
International Club, Club Road 
Please let Julie Beddow know for catering purposes
before 10am Monday - 0428 178 618
President:                            Julia Hassall 
Vice President:                    Julie Beddow
Secretary:                            Kim Thorburn
Treasurer:                            John Vichie
IPP:                                       Fran Hodgson
Satellite Chair:                    Janelle Bell

President Julia’s Message

Monday 17th  Zoom Meeting

Have a Club Goal or Idea written down and Wear your Rotary Badge Visible on a Beanie or similar head gear.

Fran will be sending out a link for the next meeting and I will be sending out an Agenda.

Mel has attached the Rotary Club Health Check.  We are working on the first goal.  Strategic Planning.  I will send out with the Agenda on Club Runner this weekend what we have come up with so far from our last board meeting.   Hopefully as a group we can tick some more boxes.  There is a wealth of information in our group collectively and that is what I wish as President to tap in on.  

Chairs of Committees, please give some thought to committee goals for the year ahead.  That way we can plan with intent.


Quote of the Week

“Be intentional in the way you lead”  RI President Holger Knaack’s quote for the week.


Last Monday

Thank you to Julie Beddow for organising Franco Arcidiacono as our Guest Speaker last Monday to present to the club about his Murals.

I was amazed at the work Franco has put into his Murals and the detail in his artwork that he was able to demonstrate to us during his presentation.

His presentation was about his mural of the Murray River, but more recently Franco’s mural at Amiens was unveiled this month.  If you haven’t seen it, please take a visit to Amiens.

As well as Franco and Morwenna Arcidiacono as guests, we were delighted to have Diane and Steve Jones as guests.  Ann Richardson was there all the way from Brisbane too.

We all enjoyed great fellowship and a tasty meal together.  We shared happy coins stories and it was a great night.


Saturday BBQ

Jeff Marsden reported that the Saturday Water Relief BBQ at Landmark has been postponed and he will contact those on the list if there is a need after consulting with Russell and Samantha Wantling. Thanks to members who have helped with this.

Wednesday 12th

A group of Satellite and Monday Rotarians experienced good fun and fellowship at Lily’s on Wednesday night.

Thursday 13th

Julie Beddow and I worked with the Interactors.  Tess Pascoe has a challenge this week to create a choir.  Should be lots of fun.  Ann Richardson is still looking for a school advisor to take on this group.  See Ann’s comments on her Presidential Theme.

Bill Bonner

Sadly Bill Bonner has been in hospital and will have a few weeks in Brisbane to get his health and wellbeing restored.  Since his eye operation, Bill has been experiencing Charles Bonnet Syndrome.

Best wishes Bill for a speedy recovery.  Perhaps give him a buzz to let him know you are thinking of him 0429 837 233

Joke this week

Teacher: "If I gave you 2 cats and another 2 cats and another 2, how many would you have?"
Johnny: "Seven."
Teacher: "No, listen carefully... If I gave you two cats, and another two cats and another two, how many would you have?"
Johnny: "Seven."
Teacher: "Let me put it to you differently. If I gave you two apples, and another two apples and another two, how many would you have?"
Johnny: "Six."
Teacher: "Good. Now if I gave you two cats, and another two cats and another two, how many would you have?"
Johnny: "Seven!"
Teacher: "Johnny, where in the heck do you get seven from?!"
Johnny: "Because I've already got a freaking cat!"

Monday Meetings Rotation

Each Month
1st  Monday  -  Board Meeting 
2nd Monday  -  Guest speaker, bring a guest along
3rd  Monday  -  Zoom Meeting - Thanks to Fran who will host this
4th  Monday  -  activity, information or guest speaker, bring a guest along
5th  Monday (if there is one)  -  social event organised 

Today at Interact, we had a challenge from Tess. We had a few seconds of music then we had to decide the name of the song, the artist and the genre. In the first segment Fitzroy and Isaac were the winners.  Writing down the answer.

In the second segment where it was clap and name, our two new Interactors Erin and Sienna won that round.

Julie and Julie were the “big” loosing team.

We began our planning for Polio Day, talked about Ration Challenge and also Spooky Drive In.Julie told the group about Polio and what it was all about.

Lots of fun today!

Janelle and Kylie are Stayin Wild!
Message from Janelle & Kylie -
We will welcome anyone from Rotary who would like to either
a) do the challenge with us
b) sponsor us and/or
c) walk with us any day you are available.
This is what we are undertaking!
Welcome to the Stayin’ Wild Challenge - a four-week wellbeing program designed to help you feel fit, fabulous and connected in a time of physical distancing, while raising money for mental health.
How to get wild
Your Challenge starts on Monday 3rd August.
What you need to do before the challenge begins:
1. Build your circle of love
You've got your Stayin' Wild Buddy (woohoo!) but why stop there? This is a TEAM challenge, because Together, Everyone Achieves More. More buddies in your team will make it loads more fun and help you all stay connected and supporting each other. Entry is only $25pp, so if you're the team captain, keep building your circle of love. You can invite up to 18 more friends to join you!
2. Join the Exclusive Stayin' Wild Community
Join our magical Facebook group and introduce yourself to others taking the challenge. The group is an integral part of the challenge, where you'll receive blogs, tips, videos and motivation.
3. Get a Routine, Queen!
Print out your Stayin’ Wild Calendar and plan your daily walks in nature (or inside if you must!), team pow-wows and weekly community check-ins.We recommend walking at the same time every day because routine sets you up for success. Stick your calendar up so you can give yourself a big gold star (I told you this would be fun!) every time you complete your weekly goal.
Di Westaway is the Chief Adventure Chick and Founder of Wild Women On Top and Coastrek. She is a global leader and award-winning woman of influence who has coached tens of thousands of women to improve their fitness, health and vitality through walking and hiking adventures.
Di is an adventure coach, mother, motivational speaker, 2017 NSW Telstra Business Women's Awards Finalist, 2016 AFR/Westpac 100 Woman of Influence, world-record holder and author of two books; Natural Exhilaration and How to Prepare for World Class Treks.
She has written for many publications including Great Walks Magazine, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Brisbane Times, The Canberra Times, HuffPost Australia and Mamamia.
Di has climbed many extreme altitude peaks and holds the record for the world’s highest handstand on Mt Ama Dablam, 6,982m, Nepal.
Pathways to opportunities.    

This section of the Bulletin will ask us to think about and act on some aspect of our Rotary life in relation to this year’s Presidential Theme.

 “Creating unique clubs for younger people!” 
RI President, Holger Knaack wants to see Rotaractors play an integral role in how new clubs are formed and run. He encourages district leaders to create new club models and rethink what it means to be in Rotary, and allow young people to be the architects of these new clubs. “We have to be open to new approaches, and creating unique clubs for younger people is just part of the solution,” said Knaack. “Let Rotaractors decide what kind of Rotary experience works best for them. These young people are bright, energetic, and they get things done.”
While Rotary Stanthorpe hasn’t had a Rotaract club for many years, some of our members remember those experiences fondly. Geoff and Gloria Marsden were founding members in 1974. They said they joined because they were asked by Glen Buchanan, the instigator and long-time mentor of Rotaract in Stanthorpe. They made long-time friends and enjoyed many trips and activities for social events (camping and motorbike rides) and for service, memorably pushing a bed from Storm King Dam to Stanthorpe as a fundraiser and lots of painting of community buildings. Why did people join Rotaract? The Marsdens believed that it was a rare local alternative at the time to sport for young adults. ‘Today, young people have many choices [technology] to challenge Rotaract membership,’ said Gloria, ‘and young people don’t think about giving [service].’ ‘We have to show the benefits, just like Rotary.’ Geoff saw his Rotaract membership as giving him the start in his Insurance Industry career that continued for 30 years. ‘We had a Rotarian mentoring at every meeting; sharing the values of fellowship and service with us.’
Today, we do have an Interact Club. You only have to visit one of their Thursday meetings to see that they are ‘bright, energetic young people who get things done’…. with guidance from Rotarians, as is expected for young teenagers.
Interact clubs bring together young people ages 12-18 to develop leadership skills while discovering the power of Service Above Self. Find out how serious leadership can be seriously fun.
What are the benefits?
Connect with leaders in your community and around the world to:
  • Take action to make a difference in your school and community
  • Discover new cultures and promote international understanding
  • Become a leader in your school and community
  • Have fun and make new friends from around the world
What’s involved?
Interact clubs organise at least two projects every year, one that helps their school or community and one that promotes international understanding. Rotary club sponsors mentor and guide Interactors as they carry out projects and develop leadership skills
The Stanthorpe Interact Club is a school-based club which meets on Thursdays from 3.15 to 5pm on the odd weeks of the school term. Their meetings generally include both business and social activities. Annual service activities include Polio Purple Pinkies Fundraiser and a Spooky Walk Community Activity. Last year they enjoyed completing a Toastmasters leadership course and participated in the inaugural district Interaction Conference and they enjoyed sharing events (social and service) with Rotarians. There have been several membership queries from local young people who don’t attend the state high school but this is not possible unless the Interact Club formation is changed to a community club. Current members talk to their peers about joining Interact but they find others don’t see the value in what they do and have many other choices.
So, how can we take RI President Knaack’s concept of involving youth in building up Rotary? Let’s take Geoff and Gloria’s experience and become more actively involved in supporting our Interact Club and its members. Let’s build their service values by being mentors to them during Interact and Rotary events. We can help them achieve personal goals and so much more. There is potential for more young people to become involved in Interact and, perhaps, a new Rotaract Club can follow to become the link for members to Rotary once again in the Stanthorpe area.
The Rotary Foundation 
Each Bulletin Melissa will be teaching us a little more about The Rotary Foundation - what it does and how we can be a part of it.
This weeks information is about The Rotary Foundation - Promoting Peach.
If you would like more information about Promoting Peace Opportunities or the Rotary Foundation please click on the link below.

Today, over 70 million people are displaced as a result of conflict, violence, persecution, and human rights violations. Half of them are children.

Rotary’s Four Roles in Promoting Peace 

Rotary and its members are:

  • Practitioners: Our work fighting disease, providing clean water and sanitation, improving the health of mothers and children, supporting education, and growing local economies directly builds the optimal conditions for peaceful societies.

  • Educators: Our Rotary Peace Centers have trained over 1,300 peace fellows to become effective catalysts for peace through careers in government, education, and international organizations. 

  • Mediators: Our members have negotiated humanitarian ceasefires in areas of conflict to allow polio vaccinators to reach children who are at risk. 

  • Advocates: Our members have an integral role as respected, impartial participants during peace processes and in post-conflict reconstruction. We focus on creating communities and convening groups that are connected, inclusive, and resilient.


Rotary Peace Fellowships
Rotary Peace Fellowships enable individuals to pursue either a graduate degree in peace-related fields such as international development, peace studies, or conflict resolution, or a professional development certificate in peace and conflict studies, at one of the six Rotary Peace Centers. Fellowships cover transportation, tuition, qualified  internships, room and board, and other limited expenses for the duration of the program.
Fellowships are supported by a pool of funds contributed by districts from their District Designated Fund, through term gifts, Rotary’s
Endowment Fund, and the World Fund.
Districts can submit an unlimited number of qualified applications at no cost by 1 July for world-competitive selection. Applicants must
submit their applications to their district by 31 May, which gives the district time to review the application, interview the applicant, and
submit the endorsement forms to The Rotary Foundation. Up to 50 master’s degree and 50 professional development certificate fellows
are selected annually. Trustee-approved applicants are notified by
15 November.

The Rotarian Action Group for Peace gives Rotary members resources and support to advance peace efforts and turn ambitious ideas into life-changing realities.

New Club Shirt
A new order of shirts will be placed in August.
Partners and Honorary members may purchase the shirt for $43.00. Members may like to order a second shirt at $43.00 also.
Details are on the attached Order form - click the link below.
Contact Ann Richardson (0402 037 358) for more details.
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Aug 31, 2020
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