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(If you have one -new shirt board approved see below)
Notes from President Fran Hodgson
Bulletin information
Welcome to David Hambly who has been accepted as a new member of our club.  His formal induction is still a matter of discussion with the membership committee given the social distancing rules still in place but it will happen in an innovative format..
Zoom club meeting on Monday  27th  April at 6.30 pm for all members.  Satellite members are also included and I really hope you will all join in.
I will send out an email with further information and the ID and password to all members.
Wear your Rotary shirt.
We will do a toast so have a glass with something in it ready for the toast….
Happy coins will operate … so have a story about how you are coping with the COVID isolation and self-distancing as well as other exciting events happening in your life.
There will be a raffle.
Work out how we can collect the money for happy coins and the ‘Bird” .
It is World Immunization week next week… so I will be sending out an activity for you to do and to present at the meeting!!! Hope you can at least colour in.!!
Please let Jim Baxter know if you are an apology  for the meeting…. So we are not waiting for you to enter the meeting.
Zoom  requirements
Download Zoom and join the free  program
You need a laptop, tablet or desktop computer.  If you use a desktop you may need to have a webcam attached.
At scheduled meeting time, enter the ID and password that I will send you.   If you need support please contact me. 0428 229 153
We had a successful Board meeting via Zoom last Monday evening, although somewhat distracted by a bald Peter Watters with a piece of steak on his head!!!
 One of the decisions made was to purchase a Shelter box from Community funds to support the recovery effort in Vanuatu after the devastation of Cyclone Harold. This donation has now been sent off.    If you remember, we were collecting funds from “Happy Coins’ ( not the Bird as I originally stated last week)  this year for the shelter box and had not reached our target of $1000 due to cessation of meetings.
If you would like to make a donation to support our purchase of the Shelter box, you can leave a donation with John Vichie at the shop or by making an online donation to the club funds with the reference of #shelter box.   If you would like to know more about the Shelterbox Program visit  www.shelterboxaustralia.com.au
Thank you to the members who responded so promptly to my flying minute on Thursday night/ Friday morning. The club overwhelmingly approved the motions.
Joke   courtesy of Peter Watters
*Husband*:       My wife is missing. She went out yesterday and has not come home...
*Police Sergeant*:          What is her height?                        
*Husband*:       I'm not sure. A little over five-feet tall.
*Sergeant*:                       Colour of eyes?
*Husband*:                       Sort of brown I think. Never really noticed.
*Sergeant*:                       Colour of hair?
*Husband*:                      Changes a couple times a year. Maybe dark brown now. I can’t remember.
*Sergeant*:                       What kind of car did she go in?
*Husband*:                       She went in my Car
*Sergeant*:                       Was there anything of value in the car?
*Husband*:                       Yes, my golf clubs
Titleist TS3 9 degree driver with Tensei Orange TX flex CK60 with 74  Tungsten Prepreg shaft Titleist TS3 15 degree Fairway wood with Hzrdus 6.5x 76g shaft Titleist 3-4 718 TMB irons with Nippon modus 120 x shafts Titleist 718 AP2 irons 5-50deg with nippon modus 120 x shafts Titleist Vokey Sm8 52,56 & 60 degree wedges Scotty Cameron Newport 2.5 35 inch putter. with Superstroke Pistol GT tour  Skull grip Titleist mid Staff bag Nikon range finder
12 x pro V1s
3 x Titleist players Golf gloves
Titleist towel
Alignment sticks and Stitch leather cover Dubai Hills by Jumeirah bag tag
Quote – in honour of Anzac Day 2020  .... spent in social isolation
Welcome Dave our newest Club Member
Hi Guys,
Everything is well in our world, thank you. Life seems just to be an inconvenience at the moment so there is a lot to be thankful for.
We've been using Zoom for a while now and it's been really excellent for keeping in touch. I'd be happy to attend the Monday meetings when the time is right for you to invite me.
I coughed up the joining fee to John Vichie this morning so I'm all up to date.
Kind regards,
Dave Hambly
Sugarloaf, Qld
0414 440 515
I'm working on the resizing and the correct orientation.  Its a learning curve.
In the background pictures are Julie, Julia, Mel (our Secretary taking notes) and Peter obscured with the BBQ background picture.  I have posted Zoom photos to our webpage.
Peter with a background picture
Mel taking notes on her computer
April Theme
From: Anna Henderson <anna.henderson410@gmail.com>
Sent: Wednesday, 22 April 2020 12:36 AM
To: Janelle Bell <jbellsbooks@gmail.com>; PASCOE, Melissa (mpasc36) <mpasc36@eq.edu.au>
Subject: March/April report
I am sorry this report is so late however I havent done very much for the past few months so I combined March and April but I will do another one for just April if youd like, but if anyone has any questions or anything else theyd like me to talk about please let me know :)
Hope you are doing well!
March Report 2020 – Anna Henderson
Hello everyone! Happy belated Easter to you all! I hope you are all doing well in these uncertain times. I am still in lockdown and this is going into my 3rd month in Italy and my 2nd month in quarantine. This past month I have unfortunately seen many exchange students in Italy return to their home counties. Rotary in Italy has told us that we are able to stay and they will continue to look after us, so it was the students and their parents decision to return.
I have been in contact with my district chairs in both Australia and Italy and they are both confident that I am able to stay here safely, and I am being looked after extremely well by my host mum. Travel at this stage, as you may know, is extremely limited and returning home poses a much higher risk of getting sick rather than staying here. I will keep updating you all on the situation as it progresses.
As a result of not being able to leave the house I am finding many other ways to keep myself entertained. The most recent activities include learning the piano, drawing, exercising (using a mini trampoline that my host mum purchased, blowing bubbles for many hoursand learning how to become a dog groomer (We are unable to take my host mums Pomeranian to the groomer so I had to tidy up his fur and it turned out pretty well).
With the number of new cases in Italy diminishing every day the government has said that on the 4th of May they will begin to reopen some shops and allow people to go outside, although always with mask and many precautions still in place). This is exciting news as we will be able to get some fresh air and not be cooped up inside constantly. However, this is not set in stone and they will revaluate in the coming days.
Although I am not able to see any of my friend over the past few months I am able to talk to them through video chats or texting, as well as attending online school. I am also having a weekly meeting with Chris Thurtell (Current RYE district chair) and the other outbound students (students on exchange from district 9640). This meeting is to ensure that we are all coping in this tough situation and to ensure that we are in good health mentally and physically, as well as having a group of people to talk to who are in the same situation as me.
I have also continued to stay in contact with the Scout group in Cremona and have been to a few video chats with them. This has allowed me to start getting to know them and organising activities so that when they are able to meet again in person I have already “met” them. They are making me feel like one of their own and it is something I am really looking forward to doing when everything goes back to normal.
I recently read on Facebook about how this virus is going to be a fairly significant historical event due to the world wide impact it is having. The article I read spoke about how while students are home from school, parents should encourage them to make “journal” entries regarding the situation and their emotions throughout this time to look back on in many years to come, whether is be hand written, typed on a computer or even a video. I am in a fairly unique situation, so I have decided that I want to do this as well. If in 50 years’ time I am asked by my grandchildren where I was during the COVID-19 outbreak I want to be able to show them exactly how I was feeling, as well as it just being interesting for me to look back on in the years to come. If any of you have children or grandchildren I think you should mention this to them, because even if it is never read in the future they are able to say how they are feeling during this hard situation. Besides, it is also an easy way to occupy them for a few hours too.
I also want to take the time to tell you how I am feeling and how I am coping during this time as many people have asked me if I am mentally coping. Surprisingly I am actually doing pretty well, I am a little bored at home and definitely ready to go outside again but I am finding ways to keep myself entertained.  My host mum is extremely supportive of me and I know that I am safe and will be looked after here no matter what happens which is very comforting. An I hope you are all feeling safe as well. Social media is often pictured negatively, however in this time of uncertainty and isolation it has been an amazing tool for everyone to stay connected with each other and to remember that we are never alone.
I would like to thank you all once again for this incredible experience. I know that many exchange students have decided to leave but I, as long as I am able to, want to stick this out because you have given me this once in a lifetime opportunity and even if it isn’t what I expected it to be, it has taught me so much already. I have learnt how to be more independent, how to cope in the face of adversity and to be more resilient. I have also learnt to look on the bright side and to enjoy the small things (such as playing with my host dog or talk with my host mum). I appreciate every aspect of this exchange and I am so grateful for everything.
If anyone has any questions please don’t hesitate to email or message me and I would be more than happy to reply. And if there is anything you would like me to talk about in my next report please let me know 😊 Also, I have not visited anywhere but here are some photos from the last few weeks.
Anna 😊
Pippi and his bubbles
Call with Scout Group of Cremona
Online Learning
Anna and Pippi
Pippi  ( sorry about the view, rotation error by Julia not Anna)
Happy Easter !!!!
Anna with her host Mum celebrating Easter during Covid19
New Club Shirt has board approval
Don't you just love it!!!

Price $38.75 +10% GST ... ie $42.63    Make it $43.00    So reasonable! 
That's the Design that John sent - he assured me that it wouldn't be a cuffed sleeve.  Ann
Sizing will be happening soon.  Please send approvals or comments, its good to get feedback   Julia 0488 297 956 or julia@justred.com.au
Also visit our Club Website and District Website for more information and events happening in District 9640 and in our club
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