Rotary Club of Stanthorpe
Rotary Club No. 17908 in District 9640
Meets 2nd & 4th Mondays
6.00 pm for 6.30 pm 
International Club, Club Road 
Please let Peter Watters know for catering purposes
before 10am Monday - 0427 583 1904
President:                   Jim Baxter 
Vice President:          Geoff Marsden
Secretary:                   Julia Hassall
Treasurer:                   Fran Hodgson
IPP:                             Julia Hassall
Satellite Chair:           Jo Bell
President Elect:         Jim Barnes

Good morning Everyone,

It's been a busy couple of weeks - 

Jim Barnes and Geoff Marsden did a brilliant job in organizing the Millie Marsden Memorial at Heritage Park on Saturday, September 18. The event was very well attended, and a pleasant afternoon was had by all. Well done to everyone who came to help.
A very big thank you goes to Julia for organizing the catering for the Rotary Leadership Institute weekend at the International Club. Julia catered for 30 participants over the 2 days with the help of Melissa who baked lots of goodies for the morning and afternoon teas. The participants were very appreciative of the meals provided. Thank you very much Julia for your time and effort over the whole weekend. Jim Barnes attended from our Club and will give us his thoughts on the weekend, at a later date.
Karma invited Gail and I to her last presentation at Toastmasters last Thursday night. Her speech was very good and she presented herself with confidence and poise. Well Done Karma!
Karma’s street stall was a huge success with many bakers helping to make it so. Thanks go to all who supported Karma by baking. The Satellite Club baked on Wednesday night as well as Friday. A great effort by everyone!
Mental Health Week starts on October 10. Please see attached flyer:
Come along and support our Club’s effort through Jim Barnes and Australia Rotary Health.

On Wednesday, October 13, there is the Mental Health Breakfast at the RSL from 7:00 – 8:30 am with proceeds going to Australian Rotary Health for mental health research. Jim Barnes and I are also then involved in the event at the Men’s Shed from 10:00 am.

Wednesday night is the Satellite Club’s meeting at the High School.

On Friday, October 15, we are double booked with Ageing Well morning Tea at Hilton Street at 10:00 am and Odd Sock Day at the High School with 750 sausages needing to be cooked and served to the students in 2 sittings. If you are able to help at the High School, please let me know. (0427 621303)  At least 3 helpers will be needed from 9:00 am as the first serving is at 10:00am. The second serving is at 1:15 pm so we should be finished at 2pm.

Saturday, October 16, is Race Day with a Rotary and Friends of Rotary table booked for a social day out together. Please let Julia Hassall know if you would like a place. It is $20 to get in and $15 for seating under the marquee at the Rotary table.  Julia has all the details.


Stanthorpe Races
We have booked a table at the Races on the 16th October in support of our Young Ambassador Karma O'Reilly and as a general get together for Rotarians and friends.
Our Prize winner from the Autumn Race Day will be there too.
Admission is $20 - everybody pays that to get in.
Seat at the table and under Marquee $15
$40 is Lunch and seat at table and under Marquee.
If you would like to join in the fun please contact me either or  0488 297 956
Jockey Form attached.  
I just need booking numbers for the table/seating in the interim.
Admission is apparently payable on the day.
Meals on Wheels
Meals on Wheels has to have a record of COVID vaccination for volunteers.
No names, just initials and yes or no. 1 or 2 doses.
I will be contacting people about this in the near future. Many thanks
Julie Beddow
Karma's Street Stalls
The first fundraising street stall on Saturday 25 September was a roaring success in many ways:
  • Firstly, it was a fun time getting together to make the nougat (thanks Nathan and Luke for being the 'Male Muscle' delegated to stirring for 1.5 hours!), baked 500 or so biscuits and loads of slices and cakes and bagged and labelled everything using our new printer! 
  • Karma reported that she and her committee were hammered by customers from the getgo and 'did better than across the road'! 
  • A backup stall at the Sunday Markets sold almost everything else, just a little left in the Rotary Shed.
  • Financially a big success - over $1000 raised on Saturday plus $200 of the O'Reillys raffle tickets + extra on Sunday.
The next fundraiser is the Brekky BBQ in the Piazza on Sunday 31 October, 7am-10am. Volunteers will be needed. More info coming.
Keep Sunday 7 November free to make preserves at Suttons - any time from 8am..We have been invited back to the Beachmere Bay Craft stall to sell our Waste Not! Preserves where we made $1500.
Pre-Christmas Street stall will be on Saturday 27 November. The plan is to have Christmas type baking as well as small Christmas type gifts and baskets that  would be suitable for teacher gifts, friend gifts, etc.  So please start collecting gifts, etc. Home made items would be excellent!!! More details soon re baking, gift baskets, wrapping etc.  
Karma's committee is also planning some small-scale fun night events. Details of Rotary's involvement will be provided when available.
Guidelines for remote distribution of $500 vouchers
RAWCS is seeking the assistance of your District to distribute Government funded $500 debit cards to families that have been financially impacted by drought. This includes those currently in drought as well as those recovering from the intense drought of the past few years.
If your District wishes to participate, we ask that you use your network to identify 200 eligible families, verify their need and willingness to accept the assistance and provide the required information to RAWCS so that the cards can be directly delivered by registered post.
On behalf of Rotary, RAWCS has entered a partnership with the Commonwealth Government to assist in delivery of the Drought Community Outreach Program [DCOP], an initiative of National Recovery and Resilience Agency (NRRA).
The DCOP has been designed to increase coordination of drought and drought recovery support and enhance community awareness of the Australian Government’s drought assistance measures. There has been significant disruption to the program caused by Covid travel restrictions however the program is focused on holding 110 information outreach events in selected towns, throughout the drought affected areas, for families directly impacted by drought. Events are attended by a range of Government and non-Government agencies providing information and support to assist families to deal with and recover from the crippling drought of the past few years.
Rotary’s role is to
  • Assist with the promotion of and delivery of the community outreach events through community wellbeing activities and BBQ catering.
  • Distribute $500 debit cards at these events to eligible farming households that are experiencing financial hardship due to drought as direct support and to improve levels of economic activity in regions as these cards are spent in local communities and businesses. The Debit cards were also envisaged as an added incentive for families to attend the outreach events and thus become fully appraised of the Government and non-Government support available to them.
For participating Rotary Clubs this represents a fully funded Community Service Project opportunity and to date 60 Rotary Clubs have been engaged across the nation.
In recognition of the delays and disruption to the national outreach event itinerary, caused by Covid, the Government contract currently permits Rotary to distribute 5,600 of the available 12,000 debit cards outside of the outreach events by direct contact with eligible recipients. Currently 2,000 debit cards remain available to distribute this way in drought affected areas where no outreach events have been held or have been planned.

Subject: RLI Stanthorpe - One Week On, "Making A Difference"

I write, this morning, one week out from our Rotary Leadership Institute, in Stanthorpe, to thank all the players involved, to provide the Participant Feedback/Evaluation and to remind our participants that their first commitment to “Making A Difference” comes due today.

Thanks to our District Leaders

DG Jeff and RLI Chair Simone, your concerted leadership through the pressures of the current pandemic has been outstanding. It would be easy to cancel or continually postpone district activities at this time but you have not - quite the reverse. You have stuck with it and got on with it. Simone, your attention to supporting me in my stand-in role of facilitator has been exemplary. Your were responsive and responsible at all times. Sincere thanks.

Thanks to our Presenters   

I am most proud to have worked with our presenters on this project. You have been thinking, thoughtful and professional in your preparation for and the carrying out of your roles. You have all travelled long distances, been spot-on for timing and even kindly and willingly supported the local Stanthorpe industry in a number of concrete ways. It has been a distinct pleasure to work with you on this project.

Thanks to our Participants

It has been a pleasure to work with such a fine group of Rotarians with diverse Rotary experience, across a range of clubs, and from significantly different geographical areas, some travelling extensive distance to be together for the two days. It was a small group but with that comes the positives of being able to spend time with and work with Rotarians we have not met previously, individual attention from the presenters and comfortably sized work groups. Thank you for your feedback on your RLI experiences and I assure you that it will guide our future practice. Thanks, indeed, for your commitment to the task. It was pleasure to work with you all.  

Thanks to our Hosts

We had the distinct pleasure to work in the home room of the Rotary Club of Stanthorpe surrounded by the history and inspiration of the Honour Boards of the office holders of the club, listed for almost seventy years. Thanks also to our head chef and assistance in all things, from opening and closing through to advice on local products, PP Julia. You were courteous and obliging at all times, Julia and nothing was too much trouble. Further, what a pleasure it was to work on the historic premises of the International Club in one of the outstanding rural communities of our nation – The Granite Belt.   

Making  A Difference

To conclude the RLI in Stanthorpe, on Sunday afternoon, I sought from the participants a commitment to a short term, a mid-term and a long-term goal.


Well today is the day – one week onwards for your short term goal to be revisited. Do take a look at it, sit back with much pleasure, if it is all done and dusted and move on to the next goal planned for this Rotary year. If it is still a work in progress, move on it today (a Public Holiday – my good planning!) or seek some assistance to bring it to a conclusion.                   

Please don’t hesitate to pass on information on the future District RLI to interested Rotarians. Kindest regards, in Rotary,


Ross Smith

Rotary Club of Burleigh Heads,

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