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Notes from President Fran Hodgson
Combined Board  meeting via Zoom on Monday. Reports to Secretary Mel well before the meeting please. At this meeting we will be setting the dues for 2020-2021.
Zoom Meeting #4
We all enjoyed talking and interacting with  Anna at our Zoom meeting last Monday. Julie’s toast to Anna was very appropriate as she  has done amazingly well living in a two bedroom apartment in the middle of Cremona with nowhere to go (except 300 metres walking the dog ) for such a long time. What an inspiring young woman, telling us about the new skills she has acquired and how she has coped!  Hopefully the restrictions in Italy will lift soon and safely so Anna will be able to enjoy getting out and about again, especially when she moves to her new host family. I  think we all agreed that  we don’t have much to complain about with our restrictions here in Australia.  (see pics below)
Congratulations to Melissa and Julia for having the most tiles crossed off the Bingo board.  If anyone else thinks they have 12 or more , let me know and I will also send you a certificate.  
Some great Italian wear was on show and thanks to Anna I beat Jim Baxter in the best dressed competition. Sorry Jim I thought you were very imaginative.
The Zoom meetings are recorded so if anyone would like a copy please let me know and I will send you the link. I will not be putting it up on the website.
Please return your response to the ‘Flying Minute’ regarding the District budget .
This week was National Volunteers Week, which I forgot to mention at our Monday meeting. Many thanks to all of you for the great work you have done in numerous areas with your volunteering for Rotary, Meals on Wheels and the other organisations many of you manage  or support.  Remember :  Volunteers are not paid ........not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless.   
Thank you once again to the many Rotarians and friends of Rotary for supporting our Shelterbox Project.  I have attached some information about the Shelterbox program for Vanuatu from their latest newsletter (see article below)
Don’t forget Meals on Wheels this week. Contact Julie Beddow if you are available
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There are two types of people in this world: Those who can extrapolate from incomplete data.
A bloke walking down the street meets his mate looking pretty glum and says to him – “What’s wrong , Mate?”
His mate replies-“ I just heard that lions have sex 10 times a day.”
“Good on them” he says. “ But how does that affect you?”
“Well, last week I joined Rotary!”
The Washington Post published the winning submissions to a yearly neologism contest, in which readers were asked to supply alternative meanings for common words.
The winners were:-
1. Coffee (n.), the person upon whom one coughs.
2. Flabbergasted (adj.), appalled over how much weight you have gained.
3. Abdicate (v.), to give up all hope of ever having a flat stomach
Monday's zoom with Anna Henderson
in Cremona Italy on Student Exchange
Julie Beddow's toast to Anna.
You did it.  Anna proudly holds up her jacket she is working on placing badges in the Italy she has outlined.  Well done, hope you get lots of badges Anna.

CEO of Rotary International John Hewko Zoom Meeting

Tony Heading spoke about the zoom meeting this Wednesday, link attached below.

When: Wednesday, 27 May 2020 7:00 PM-8:00 PM (UTC+10:00) Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney.


Note: The GMT offset above does not reflect daylight saving time adjustments.



We are very fortunate to be able to have the CEO of Rotary International John Hewko to present to us on Wednesday 27th May at 7.00pm – Australian Eastern Standard Time. For John Hewko his time in Evanston, Chicago will be 4.00am. John is a passionate Rotarian who is a real visionary and is a great encourager of clubs being innovative and creative.

John is a dynamic speaker and presenter who engages with people very easily. I am positive you will enjoy meeting up with John via Zoom. Please feel free to forward this invitation onto other Rotarians and clubs.



Noel Trevaskis

RI Director 2016-2018

Join Zoom Meeting

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Password: 860323


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Welcome Karl
First physical distancing Induction!
 It was a special evening on Tuesday. The Satellite Club took advantage of the relaxed COVID rules to meet for soup and bread and a warming brazier.
The best part of the evening was that Karl Foskett was inducted by Chair Ann in front of a ‘spaced outdoor’ circle of Rotarians. Mentor Jo Bell presented him with his certificate after President Fran pinned on his Rotary badge. We all toasted his success with our club. Welcome Karl, to the Stanthorpe Rotary family.
Thanks to Kim and Jamaine for hosting our Satellite outdoor meeting at your gazebo. Ann
(Photos are posted on the club website Photo Album section Karl's Induction)
Also visit our Club Website and District Website for more information and events happening in District 9640 and in our club
On April 6, Cyclone Harold made landfall in Vanuatu as a Category 5 cyclone, bringing devastation to communities in the north and affecting 160,000 people.
Existing challenges facing any disaster response in the Pacific region, including logistics and communications, are further exacerbated by the Coronavirus pandemic and the resulting restrictions around movements, etc. Vanuatu is currently COVID-19-free and would like to stay that way; this is delaying any humanitarian response and the recovery period for this cyclone is mooted to be at least 12 months.
Despite these difficulties, we are currently on track to support around 2,000 families with ShelterKits, tarpaulins and essential household items such as cooking sets and solar lights.
Our aid travelled by air from Abu Dhabi to Brisbane last week where it was then transferred onto a ship bound for Port Vila. Given the restrictions on personal travel, ShelterBox will be operating in partnership with Care Vanuatu. We worked with Care previously in 2015, following Cyclone Pam, and they will provide support on the ground plus aid for an additional 2,000 households. The project will be targeting families on Pentecost and Ambryn islands.
Rotary International President 20/21 speech
If you haven't already listened to the Rotary International President's Speech, copy this link and click on him speaking  or read the PDF.   That will be the grounding for where Rotary is heading in 20/21.
Club Membership List
The club member list has a few errors and a new member list will be sent out later in June.
Please check I have your details correct and let me know 
Melissa's email is
Tony joining date should be 21 Oct 1995
and a few other errors and additions to fix.  Sorry for any inconvenience caused.  Julia 
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