Rotary Club of Stanthorpe
Rotary Club No. 17908 in District 9640
Meets 2nd & 4th Mondays
6.00 pm for 6.30 pm 
International Club, Club Road 
Please let Peter Watters know for catering purposes
before 10am Monday - 0427 583 1904
President:                   Jim Baxter 
Vice President:          Geoff Marsden
Secretary:                   Julia Hassall
Treasurer:                   Fran Hodgson
IPP:                             Julia Hassall
Satellite Chair:           Jo Bell
President Elect:         Jim Barnes

Message from the President.

We have had a very busy few weeks with events and meetings. Thanks to all the volunteers!
February 14: The Valentine’s Day dinner meeting was organized by Julie. It was a great, friendly meeting, enjoyed by everyone. Jack Bell spoke about his RYPEN week which, by all accounts, he thoroughly enjoyed once he got there! Thank you, Julie and Jo.
February 18: The Fab Four worked the bar at the Pratt’s wedding. (Stephen, Peta, Jim and Gail)
February 21: The Three Musketeers catered for RAWSC who were assisting the National Recovery and Resilience Agency hand out vouchers as well as other assistance if needed. (Peter, Julie and Jim)
February 26: The Octonauts supplied a 2-course dinner to the staff at Eastern Colour. (John, Jim Barnes, Catherine, Geoff, Melissa, Chris and Tessa Pascoe and the other Jim!)
March 1: Seniors’ Concert for the Apple and Grape. The food was supplied by the catering students for Stanthorpe High School. The hospitality students were to serve but due to Education Queensland’s mandates, the Rotarians put their best foot forward and did an excellent job. It was great to see so many helping out. Jim Barnes did an excellent job in organizing this event. Thank you, Jim.
I think it is a good idea to get the Apple and Grape ‘job’ out of the way early so we can all get on and enjoy the rest of the festival.
The Satellite Club will fill you in on their activities in their report. They are also very busy.
Once again, many thanks to all you Rotarians for your help in our activities.
Hope you enjoyed the festival!
Kind regards,


Apple & Grape Festival
This 21-22 group of Young Ambassadors raised an amazing $101,000 plus together. 
Congratulations to our Young Ambassador Karma O'Reilly for participating in this community spirited activity during her University gap year, raising over $10,000  for the community. 
It has been a wonderful year of adventure and learning for all the Rotarians and friends who participated.  Karma's comments were that it has been a wonderful learning experience for her and her family.  She has been a wonderful Ambassador for our Rotary Club of Stanthorpe.  Thank you Karma.
Karma has already begun her University Studies in Brisbane and we wish her well.
Pictured above Karma with her "Tui" Grandma and Grandpa and her Mother Megan - 3 generations.
On the float, Karma with Grandma O'Reilly as passenger.
One of our own named Citizen of the Year.

Australia Day Celebrations were a little different this year.

We were not able to go to Werroona Park Stanthorpe and hold a BBQ as in previous years.  COVID and weather stopped us.
This year the Council asked that Rotarians be there to hand out the food packages to guests at the Awards Ceremony, which we were delighted to do.

There was also an added moment of pride for our Stanthorpe Rotary Club as we witnessed our Club Member Frances Hodgson receive Citizen of the Year Award – Southern Region.

The newspaper Warwick.Stanthorpe Today News article is abridged here.

“Fran is being honoured for her distinguished career in education and a tireless pursuit of community endeavours. 
As an active Rotarian for 25 years, Fran has been honoured with not one but two Paul Harris Fellowships over the years.  Notably, her volunteer work through Rotary during the drought was a lifeline to affected rural families, organising laundry vouchers, food hampers and free BBQs.
Fran’s commitment to the community is also evident through her services as President to Stanthorpe Meals on Wheels and has personally delivered Meals on Wheels for 25 years.
Fran is also President of Stanthorpe Community Development Services Neighbourhood Centre.  This Service provides food hampers to at-risk families, is a hub providing access to social workers, youth workers, counsellors, legal aid etc.  The organisation runs Kids Korner providing occasional childcare services.
Fran is still very active in her hometown of Wallangara.  Currently treasurer and long term member of Wallangara Jennings Progress Association, Fran has been instrumental in securing several significant grants for improvement projects in her town including volunteering at Driver Reviver.
Fran is also known for her international volunteer work and empathy for the disadvantaged.  She volunteered for three years as a missionary teacher in one of the poorest central Pacific Ocean countries, Kiribati.  Her ongoing work and fundraising for South African orphans and HIV sufferers puts her at what our Local Mayor Vic Pennisi said.  “The Australia Day Awards are an opportunity to recognise and say thanks to the members of our community who go above and beyond the call of duty, driven by a genuine and selfless desire to make a difference”.

Congratulations Fran – a truly inspirational Rotarian and Community person.



Satellite Notes
Autumn Race Day – Sunday 1 May 2022
The 2nd race day is confirmed to be going ahead. It always takes a couple of goes to establish a new event so we need your help in a number of ways.
We are asking all Rotarians to keep the first weekend in May free to assist with setting up on Saturday, running the event on Sunday and clean up on Monday. Together we can make this a memorable event that will continue successfully for many more years..
Please help to share the date and encourage people to get a table of friends together and book online.
Do you want to help plan the event? Our next Zoom meeting is next Tuesday 8 March. Contact Leeanne Gangemi for the zoom link. (0408 840 373)
Satellite Activity
The Satellite Club held a Zoom Forum to develop a plan for community service projects and supporting fundraisers.
Below is a summary:
Pantry Project
On 20 February, boxes of fruit were turned in to 9 different types of Jam for the pantry at the CDS Food Support Scheme; a total of 227 jars. 24 Jars were delivered to the High School Breaky Club and 24 sent to Lismore to support those who have lost everything in floods. The Waste Not Pantry products continue to be a diverse resource for the club with Jars being added to raffles and also used as thankyou gifts for Rotary guests. This project is supported with jam sales and a planned Bake sale to raise funds for resources needed to make the jams eg jars/lids and sugar.
Youth Camps
We have enjoyed the presentations from Kim (RYLA) and Jack (RYTS) about their Youth Camp experiences. RYPEN is in May. If you know of a 14/15 year old who you think would benefit from going to RYPEN, please let Youth Coordinator Jaqui Unold know (0429 910 486) Jaqui will be implementing the Scholarship application program developed by Satellite Club. About $2000 per year will support this project with funds raised through Spooky walk, Op Shop Formal and a series of Sausage Sizzles.
Community Botanical Gardens project
You may have heard that a Botanical Gardens was supported by the SDRC then drought came along. If you are interested in knowing more about this project, come along to the next Satellite Meeting on Wednesday 16 March (Location to be confirmed). Paula Passi will bring the plans, etc along and is arranging a walk of the Gardens site near Britannia Street.
Supporting Children with special learning needs
Ros is investigating getting several communication electronic tools to assist students who have reading and speech difficulties at SSHS. Before purchasing them, she plans to trial sample tools. The Board has allocated funds to purchase these tools once the right ones have been identified.
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Rotary District 9640 Expo - Tenterfield
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