Notes from President Fran Hodgson
Our combined Board meeting was held last Monday. The 2020-2021 board members will be: Julia Hassall, Fran Hodgson (PP), Julie Beddow ( VP), Kim Thorburn (Sec), John Vichie (Treas)  and Janelle Bell ( Satellite Chair).  Minutes of Board Meetings are posted on the members area of the website so please take the time to read them.
After looking at our finances the Board decided that the cost of the Rotary dues for 2020-2021 will remain the same as this year but without the discount for early payment. The cost of the membership dues will include a new Rotary shirt. John will soon be sending out an invoice to each current member.
The Board would like all Rotarians to have a new t-shirt with the latest Rotary branding so that as ‘people of action’ we have a united image . In order to get the new Rotary shirt order in as soon as possible, please try on the sample shirt sizes and complete the order form, both of which are available from John Vichie’s business, Matthew St.
Despite the lifting of some restrictions ,we have decided to continue to have  Zoom meetings until the end of June with a couple of exceptions.  The induction for our new member, Dave Hambly, will occur around the middle of June. The membership committee is working on  an outdoor event in the early afternoon on either a Saturday or Sunday. We will keep you posted.
Our District Grant projects are slowly taking shape.  Stephen is working closely with the Nepal Days for Girls project  coordinators and hopefully the Stanthorpe Hospital project will start once the COVID 19 restrictions ease. 
Disbursements of our very limited funds will be approved at the next Board meeting in June. Consider filling up your centurion towers and getting them into John before the end of June.  Your donation will then go to Polio Plus.
Meals on Wheels  had plenty of volunteers last week. Thanks Julie for organising the rosters this year.
Have you paid your meeting fee of $5 per Zoom meeting or $50 to cover the meetings April till 30th June.  Our raffle will be drawn at the end of June and each Zoom meeting attended gives you a ticket into the raffle draw. 
Thank you to the members who replied to the flying minute regarding the District finances.
Julia has organised her changeover for 20th July at the International Club with incoming DG Andy Rajapakse  as her RI guest.  Directors are reminded to submit their yearly reports  with photos to Secretary Mel by 15th June so that the Annual Report can be published for the Changeover.
Zoom meeting details for Monday’s meeting will be emailed to members on Sunday. 
Peter Bonner, a Past President of our club,  passed away last Friday 22nd May. We send our sincere condolences to Tere and her family, and to his brother Bill.  
Growing older
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Rotary International President 20/21 speech
If you haven't already listened to the Rotary International President's Speech, copy this link and click on him speaking  or read the PDF.   That will be the grounding for where Rotary is heading in 20/21.
Club Membership List
The club member list has a few errors and a new member list will be sent out later in June.
Please check I have your details correct and let me know 
Melissa's email is  mpasc36@eq.edu.au
Tony joining date should be 21 Oct 1995
and a few other errors and additions to fix.  Sorry for any inconvenience caused.  Julia 
The Board Members Zooming Meeting
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