Maryland Street
Stanthorpe, QLD 4380

I discovered 31st is the final day of the ArtTrail. Its also Halloween. Apologies from Linda, Jim B’s and Leanne W.

The Roster is taking shape already with some quick responses.   Thank you.  We are still hoping to get a few more people on the sales tables.

Tasks see below

6.30 Set up – pick up items from shed - Peter O’Reilly,  Dave Hambly,  Julia and Karma (to be confirmed)

  (all morning 7 – 10.30)     Dave Hambly      Karma O’Reilly         Julia Hassall        

 7 – 8  Robyn Henderson 

 8 – 9  Julie Beddow and Nev Beddow

 9 – 10  Trish Miron

10 – 10.30 Packaway Dave, Karma, Julia

I will keep you updated.  Just need a few more people as Karma will also be selling raffle tickets.

Dave and Peter will get the BBQ, 3 tables a few chairs, Marquee, banner, table cloths, plastic cover, gas bottle, cooking tools, metal trays with lids.(to be confirmed)


Julia organising purchase of food needed for the breakfast.  Onions, sausage, bacon, eggs, sauces, buns, bread.  Serviettes and cardboard clams.


Karma getting leftover things from the last stall from the shed and organising raffle adverts.


Table 1: for sales of product, jams, muffins, left overs from last stall.


Table 2: Food preparation


Table 3 Sales of Breakfast with sauces etc


Cooking at BBQ


We need everybody to Post something on Facebook to let others know this Fundraising Breakfast BBQ and Product is on at the Piazza Sunday 31st October


Ideas welcome

Its Halloween so Karma suggests you can dress up if you like. (or wear your green Rotary shirts, your call)




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