Posted by Julia Hassall
Stephen Tancred’s Presentation to Awardees.
Tonight the Rotary Club of Stanthorpe honours three of our members with Paul Harris fellowships.
But first a word to our visitors and perhaps some new members about what a P H Fellowship is. 
It is a donation to the Rotary Foundation – one of the world’s largest and well respected charitable foundations to do good works in Rotary’s name, but also in the recipient’s name.  Large ambitious projects like the worldwide eradication of polio and small local projects like the improvement of our Rotary Parks in town.  They are sizeable donations, $1,000 US each.  When the donation is directed to polio projects it is multiplied by three as Bill gates matches the funds 3 to 1.
When someone receives a PHF it is because they have done good works in the community, and/or provided exceptional service to a Rotary Club.
All three recipients tonight are busy people, they have families (growing and grown) and some have active careers and business interests, but they all exemplify the Rotary spirit of “Service above Self”.  None of them know they are receiving these fellowships tonight, so it’s always a bit of fun to surprise and sometimes embarrass them.  But our overwhelming emotion is pride.  Pride in our members and the lives they have chosen to live.  They are givers, not takers.  They are what makes a community worth living in, and for that we honour them tonight.
A Rotarian of only 5 years Melissa has been a successful International Service Director hosting students from overseas and supporting our outgoing students.  She has been Secretary for two of those five years.  This year Melissa has been Rotary Foundation Chair and also produced the fortnightly Club Bulletin.  She has been on the Opera and Events Committee and over the last two years had major input in planning and running our new event – the Autumn Race Day
Melissa has three children but is also a Scout Leader who devotes weekends and evenings developing and supporting many of Stanthorpe’s young people for fun, fitness and leadership skills.
Melissa is a well-respected teacher and Head of Department at the Stanthorpe State High School but on top of her teaching she regularly volunteers to spend catering time with students as they complete the practical elements of their Hospitality courses on weekends and evenings.  Her students’ achievements are what excites her most.
During the drought Melissa found ways to support rural families and students that had run out of water. When the fires added another layer misery to our town and Melissa and her family had to move out of their home for months because the fires took everything but the house and soiled the insides greatly What was her reaction?  Initially sadness but then she thought of others and organised our Club to give gifts and nursery vouchers and plants to all the fire affected residents – delivering many of the gifts herself.
Julie Beddow receives a Sapphire Fellowship tonight –this is the second time she has been honoured by the club.  Julie has been a Rotarian for 21 years and had a great year as president ten years ago.  She is always putting her hand up to be on the Board, to help the Club and others and this past year has been Vice President and mentor to our President Julia. 
She has also held the Club Administration Director role for the past 3 years and took responsibility for attendance, organising programs and guest speakers.  For many years Julie has been the Meals on Wheels coordinator for our Club and has in fact been treasurer of Stanthorpe Meals on Wheels for many years.  
Julie also supports the Youth in our Community.  She is actively involved in Scouts as a leader, supporter and Treasurer.  She assisted with the Interact Club at the SSHS.  Since its inception, Julie has worked with the Satellite Club to achieve the Spooky Walk success each year.  Julie also assists the Satellite Club with their Waste Not Pantry Project
She is passionate about the end Polio campaign and took part in the recent celebrations of 100 years of Rotary in Australia.  She was a stalwart at past Operas and was part of the success of our new event - the Autumn Race Day. 
During the drought, Julie and her husband Neville, were very active in the Community working with the Granite Belt Water Relief team, organising water for local families.
Whether the project is local, national or international – Julie supports it. 
Kim joined our Rotary Club six years ago and has been on the Board for 4 of those years. Kim and Jamaine are busy people who run the Country Style Caravan Park at Glen Aplin and it’s a Rotary friendly business with many Committee meetings, Rotary meetings and new member inductions being held there. Kim hosted Lorenzo, one of our Rotary Exchange Students from Italy
As our honour board shows, Kim was Secretary in 17-18, President in 18-19 and Secretary again this year.  He has held the office of Chair of the Membership Committee for two years and was instrumental in bringing to fruition our recent “Welcome to Stanthorpe” event. 
During his year as President Kim organised local men to come forward and be tested when the Men's Health Education Rotary Van (MHERV) visited town - he helped to save the lives of several men who didn’t realise their health was at such a dangerous level.
Kim made his caravan parks laundry available to anyone affected by the drought to do their personal washing.  Just before Covid Kim organised a major drought fundraiser for our club with the Sunshine Coast Caravaners who stayed at his park. 
Thank you, Kim, for your enthusiasm, the change process and the organisational skills that you have provided to our Rotary club and to the community.
JULIA HASSALL                                  
District Representative PDG Tony Heading presented President Julia Hassall with a Trophy for Leadership Excellence from the District for leading the Club to an increase in membership which was the one big goal of our District Governor Andy Rajapakse.  Julia was also presented with a PHF from District recognising her contributions to the Rotary Club of Stanthorpe and District.
Stephen Tancred in presenting the award to Julia made particular reference to Julia’s services to Rotary , particularly in increasing membership.  Also mentioned was the drought, and fires and how it really impacted her family vineyard business, and covid effect on the tourism part of their business, but that Julia battled on and was a great president, despite some family challenges, and Julia was a good steward to all the members.
PDG Tony Heading also presented President Julia with a Bronze award for the club’s Contribution to Rotary Foundation over the years.
Anna Henderson received a District Trophy for outstanding Youth Exchange Student of the Year.
District Club Presidents also mentioned in DG Andy’s District Report