Last meeting we warmly welcomed a new member, Dave Hambly,  who has been waiting patiently for the COVID restrictions to ease so we could induct him in person.
Dave hails from England. After five years with British Telecom he joined  the Metropolitan Police Force. He spent 5 years doing ordinary police work, and a community Bobby. He then moved into the Royalty and Diplomatic Protection Department and finally the Recruiting Department.
In 1997 he bought himself an old Bedford MK 4 wheel drive truck and converted it into a motorhome, spending 12 months zooming around Europe. He then moved to Burbank, California, the movie capital of the world where he lived for 11 years operating a. computer shop fixing and building computers, recovering data, removing virus’s etc.
In 2010 Dave reconnected with an Australian girl he met in 1989 and he and Sallyanne corresponded for three years before Dave moved to Brisbane. Dave and Sallyanne got married in 2016 ( he thinks!)
In July 2015, snow was forecast in Stanthorpe. Sallyanne hadn’t seen snow for a long time so they  so headed down to Girraween . It did sleet but unfortunately the snow came a week later.. They spent the next day in Stanthorpe and kind of fell in love with it. They returned to Girraween a few times camping and also spent their honeymoon at the Environmental Lodge.  On one of the visits they took a look at property prices and in October 2017 they moved to acreage in Sugarloaf.
Dave is a disability support worker and Sallyanne is now a counsellor in town. Dave is very excited to be joining Rotary and is looking forward to doing his bit for the club. Jim Barnes is his sponsor and mentor.
Story by President Fran Hodgson