Posted by Julia Hassall
Rotary was there manning the bar and catering at the 150th celebration for Granite Belt Growers. 
The walls at Nicoletti's Cold Store in Pozieres were lined with tributes to the pioneers in the Granite Belt. Mayor Vic Pennisi called for a minutes silence while we reflected on the work of those who gave of their energy and time to develop the farms that today many families continue the work of previous generations.  Mayor Vic reminded us of the equipment we use today compared with what farmers had back 150 years ago.
Rotarian and Cnr Stephen Tancred poured the bubbly, cooked the meals along with Rotary President Jim Barnes. Rotarian Peter Watters who was a speaker at the function, manned the bar with the help of Julia Hassall.  Catherine Orford and Rita Magnussen and President Jim, prepared the platters and food for the event. Thank you to Granite Belt Growers for supporting Rotary in its Fundraising projects.