On the 24th October a team of Rotarians set up the Polio Awareness Stand at the Piazza.  It was a rainy day, but there were some fine spots in the morning.  
Donations were put in the tin, notes and coin.  Pins were given for $5 donations.  We also have an ongoing raffle that was on display which will be drawn before Christmas.  Thanks to the generous Rotarians and friends of Rotary for Donations.
It was 1979 when Rotary first made efforts to eradicate Polio on a widespread scale. ... As a consequence of these efforts, annual diagnosed cases of polio have declined by over 99.9%, with just 291 cases recorded in 2012 and only three countries remaining polio endemic - Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan.Can Rotary End Polio? - Rotary Australia http://rotaryaustralia.org.au/Polio Awareness Month - World Polio Day October 24th 2020October 2, 2020We would like to share in the same theme as Polio Australia.The Annual Polio Awareness Month is an opportunity to raise the profile of Australia’s polio community and increase awareness about the Late Effects of Polio among health professionals and the wider public. After a vote at one of our recent Zoom meetings, our theme for this year is PPS: “Past Pandemic Survivors”*, highlighting two major points: polio survivors have lived through epidemic-induced isolation before, and Post-Polio Syndrome (PPS, known under the umbrella term Late Effects of Polio), affects thousands of Australians today.LEARN MORE https://www.poliosa.org.au/news/2020/polio-awareness-month-world-polio-day-october-24th-2020