Stanthorpe Rotary is looking to support Goondiwindi Rotary in a building and humanitarian project in Nepal. Members of the Club and community are invited to join a tour to Nepal in April 2019.
Chris Teague and Jamie Clyne of the Rotary Club of Goondiwindi travelled to Stanthorpe on Monday night to present information on a proposed tour of Nepal in 2019. A brief outline is provided below. For more information, expressions of interest or a detailed copy of the proposed itinerary contact Morwenna Harslett. Expressions of interest are sought by the end of September. 
Dates: Saturday 6th to Sunday 21st April 2019
Estimated Major Costs: In country - $2000, Airfares - $1200
Itinerary: One third of time working on RAWCS and Days For Girls Projects
                 One third visiting other Non-profit NGOs, Rotary Clubs and poverty or earthquake effected areas
                 One third sightseeing
Map of proposed tour: