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October 2022
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Ric and Kathy Horn from Mt Barkla Club in Adelaide Hills are travelling around Australia and visiting Rotarians at other Clubs among other activities.  Ric presented President Jim Barnes with a banner from his home Club.  
They shared with us many of the activities their club has been successful with over the past years and gave us some fresh ideas we may implement in our Club.  It is always a joy to have fellow Rotarians visit our Club meetings.  Guests are always welcome.  
Rita Magnussen
Rita was 3 years old when she arrived in Australia from Germany. After a short stay in Victoria, the family settled at the Wacol Immigration Centre. Her father worked as a carpenter. They moved to a rental property with acreage at Oxley during which her father built their home at Sunnybank.
In her early teens, Rita skated in the amateur roller games; some events at Festival Hall in Brisbane. She was selected to join the professional roller games and had to move to Sydney. She was lucky and skilled enough to be picked to tour the USA and South East Asia with the Australian Kangaroos and Los Angeles Thunderbirds. Roller Games folded in late 1973 and Rita worked in Sydney for a while.
She moved to Orange in NSW where she stayed for 11 years. She had various jobs there. The most memorable was working as Secretary/Manager of the Orange Jockey Club, being the first female in administration in 105 years. She moved to the other side of the fence and took up horse training.
She had a fairly successful career in Orange but moved back to Queensland in October 1984 when her father was diagnosed with cancer. Rita set up stables in Ipswich. She went on a blind date and met her husband, Barry. She took a horse to Ballina which won by 5 lengths! Baz was hooked after that as well. How easy was it to back a 25-1 winner!!
While still training, they bought a corner store and had it for 11 years. It was sold in 2001. Barry and Rita moved to Minden and built stables there but downsized by reducing the number of horses. She got a job driving limousines and did that for 6 years.
When Barry was diagnosed with leukemia, the specialist recommended a cooler climate so they moved to Stanthorpe in 2016 where Barry has a sister and brother living at the time. Rita resumed driving limos as she got a part time job with John Cook’s Stanthorpe limos.  Barry passed away in 2018.
Gail Baxter supported her and helped her by getting her started with volunteering at the Granite Belt Neighbourhood Centre, Meals on Wheels and the odd Rotary function.
She is joining Rotary because of our ongoing commitment to local communities as well as international activities including the fight to eradicate polio, malaria and helping 3rd world countries. She would like to be part of this.  
Rotary Club of Stanthorpe's President for 22-23 year, Jim Barnes was inducted at the Rotary Club of Stanthorpe Changeover Dinner Event on 27th June at the International Club PDG Neil Maxwell officiated.  Outgoing President Jim Baxter acknowledged in his speech the work his outgoing team had carried out over the past year and presented the Club Annual Report.  In attendance were members from many Service Clubs and Community groups including SDRC Mayor Vic Pennisi and Cr Stephen Tancred who gave a toast to Rotary International.  MC for the evening was PP Fran Hodgson and vote of thanks was given by Melissa Pascoe.
PDG Neil and Jim Baxter presented PP Rotarian John Vichie with a Paul Harris Fellow Sapphire pin and a Paul Harris Fellow pin was presented to Vicki Cavanagh for her service to the community.  New member Rita Magnussen was inducted into the Club along with rejoining members Helen and Norm Gale.
Entertainment was provided by Fran Hodgson on Piano and singer Tom Hodgson who sang Wonderful World and had the audience join in singing the chorus.  He also sang and performed If I only had a brain, Tom Hodgson version.  Thank you Tom.
PP Angelo Puglisi was acknowledged and presented with a card from fellow Rotarians congratulating him on 50 years service in Rotary.  May Angelo have many more years serving in Rotary.
The Satellite Club had a very successful confectionary stall at the Reinactment of ‘Tin Town’. By all accounts the afternoon was very successful. Thank you for your hard work.
President Jim Baxter and President of Cadillac LaSalle Club  Philip Moses chat over a coffee.  
It’s been a busy week for Stanthorpe Rotarians!
I’d like to thank the members who came to help prepare the brekkie for the visiting Cadillac la salle Club members. We’ve already received a thank you email from them. Most got home on Friday but a few were delayed by the floods.
Our first meeting of 2022 we were privileged to have as guest speakers Russell and Samantha Wantling as well as our Rotary Young Ambassador Karma O'Reilly join us for our dinner meeting at the International Club.  
At our Christmas Party 2021, President Elect Jim Barnes was presented with the Paul Harris Fellow Award by President Jim Baxter at the International Club.  PP Fran Hodgson, spoke of the many and varied reasons why this Award is so well deserved. (see below)  Congratulations Jim Barnes.
Jim Barnes – PHF
A science teacher; a vigneron, an historian and a community inspiration
His community interests are wide and varied.
For many years Jim was strongly associated with the wine industry in the Granite Belt holding various positions such as President of the Qld Wine
He is a tour guide for the art mural trail around Stanthorpe CBD
Volunteer at the Stanthorpe Information Centre
Administrator for the Granite Belt Images of the past facebook page which creates a lot of interest around the district
Member of the 150th Celebrations Committee for Stanthorpe
Vice President of the Granite Belt Neighbourhood Centre Management Committee
As a Rotarian, Jim, through his initiative and foresight, has taken our club on a whole new journey enabling all the members to work hands- on in the fields of mental health and Seniors programs
He initiated and facilitates the Dementia Friendly Stanthorpe Project which aims to ensure that the Stanthorpe community is aware of the issues of dementia; has friendly spaces for people living with dementia and their carers; encouraging businesses to become more dementia friendly places.
Jim has organised meetings; awareness training; BBQs; raffles etc. street assessment; discussions with shop owners and a movie night etc
He is heavily involved in developing the Dementia Friendly Week and Mental Health week programs. Jim is instrumental in holding the Mental Health Breakfast at the RSL
His monthly Ageing Well sessions for Seniors held at Hilton Street have been well attended and provided interesting speakers and interesting information
He organised the plaque and unveiling for Millie Marsden in Heritage Park
As the Vocational Director Jim has been arranging the Craft Awards and Pride of Workmanship Awards for the last three years.
On top of all his projects, Jim is also the incoming Rotary President for 22-23.
Jim’s work in the community certainly demonstrates the objectives and mission of The Rotary Foundation and is a very worth recipient of a PHF.
Fran Hodgson, December 2021
The International Club was decorated beautifully, and the food and company was amazing.  Wonderful to end the year with representation from both the Monday and Satellite Club plus family and friends.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  We were also treated to nibble and drinks at the InterClub where we combined with the Lions.  Rotary first meeting back at the International will be on Monday 10th January 2022, hope to see you all there for an update on the Apple and Grape Festival with Russell and Samantha Wantling and our Rotary Young Ambassador Karma O'Reilly.
Ann Richardson took the "Waste Not Want Not" jam, chutney and pickles to Brisbane market.  Kim and Jamaine Thorburn who have moved there, held the market on 3rd December.  Well done, just shows what a Satellite Club can do.
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