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April 2021
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Words like ‘depression’ and ‘anxiety’ are often misused and mis-understood. Understanding and talking about mental health in general can be a minefield for many of us too. That’s where we can help- our club is delighted to welcome you to a special event with speaker Wayne Wigham- a lived experienced speaker for Black Dog Institute.

‘Breaking Down Depression’ is a free 40 minute presentation delivered by a community presenter who shares their lived experience of mental illness as well as the latest information and tools from the Black Dog Institute. The presentation covers causes, signs and symptoms of anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder, when and where to seek help and practical strategies for helping a friend or family member.


Wayne has been a lived experienced speaker for Black Dog Institute for 10 years. Wayne was first diagnosed with Depression at the age of 10 and has experience dealing with the illness through schooling, a teaching career, ten years as a professional Rugby League Player for and eleven years as a professional Firefighter and business owner. All through these careers Wayne battled through misdiagnosis of his illness, drug and alcohol abuse through self-medication and relationship difficulties. Wayne’s personal journey - highlights the fact that mental illness can affect anyone. Wayne is passionate about breaking down the stigma of mental illness and the absolute importance of recognising symptoms and seeking help at first opportunity.

Wayne frequently talks to adults and young people about mental health and mental fitness and is an advocate for people avoiding the ‘tough guy’ myth attached to seeking help for mental illness.

Our event in Stanthorpe saw the baton move down Maryland Street to where Jim Barnes and Dave Hambly had set up the table and BBQ outside the Country Club Hotel which is being renovated.  Thanks to Steph Elms for the permission to hold our event there.
Julia Hassall brought the R100 baton and the raffle which added to the ability to raise awareness of Rotary Saying No Domestic Violence and a lead up to our meeting on 22nd February when our guest speaker will talk to our group about DV and what can be done in Stanthorpe and surrounding District.  
Julie Beddow, Fran Hodgson, Jim and Gail Baxter and Leeanne Gangemi helped with the event.
It was great to have so much support on the day.  Jim Baxter was taking the baton to Sunday's event where all the Vintage cars were gathering.
The baton was also to fly with Ian Henderson and Belinda Lister.
The baton went from Ballandean Estate with Jo Bell to Just Red Wines, to Monday Club meeting, to Satellite Club, to Interact Club meeting and this Event.  At the time of writing this it had been to Rotary Club of Stanthorpe Assembly, Meals on Wheels meeting, and scheduled to visit other activities before going on to Allora and Warwick.
It is wonderful to be able to join in this relay of the Baton and interesting to read other stories as it travels around the District.
Proceeds from the Event BBQ and Raffle will go to the Granite Belt Neighbourhood Centre to support their ongoing Say No to DV campaign.
Thank you to all the Rotarians who helped with the Ham Wheel.  It was a busy day and the town was buzzing.  Today we raffled off 20 hams at $1 a ticket.  The Satellite Flexitime members also had a stand of their produce and we sold some more tickets in our Polio Raffle which was to be drawn at our Christmas Dinner Meeting.
At the Rotary Club of Stanthorpe Christmas Dinner Meeting, Peter Watters was presented with the Sapphire Paul Harris Fellow Pin.  The dinner was to be held in the garden at Peter and Heather Watters place, but the weather was not suitable so Peter and his family decorated the Ballandean Hall for the Christmas Dinner event.  Peter was not informed that he was going to be presented with the Sapphire Pin and was touched.  It was wonderful that his three girls Wendy, Jennifer and Judy were there for the occasion.
President Julia presented a speech as follows for the presentation.
Thank you to Gail and President Elect Jim Baxter for hosting a wonderful Social Event.  Thank you also to everyone who brought a guest along.  Plus the delicious BBQ cooked by Jim, the amazing choice of salads and deserts, Rotarians are definitely "People of Action"
On the 24th October a team of Rotarians set up the Polio Awareness Stand at the Piazza.  It was a rainy day, but there were some fine spots in the morning.  
Donations were put in the tin, notes and coin.  Pins were given for $5 donations.  We also have an ongoing raffle that was on display which will be drawn before Christmas.  Thanks to the generous Rotarians and friends of Rotary for Donations.
Stanthorpe State High School Principal Mr Justin Kuskie, receiving a cheque in support for the High School's Breakfast Club. Plus receiving a thank you gift for being an interesting and entertaining guest speaker at our last face-to-face meeting. 
Congratulations on all the service  you gave to the community in 2019-2020. For all our efforts we have been awarded a Platinum Rotary Citation .... see attached... a great achievement for every one in the club.
Fran Hodgson
Past  President 2019-2020
Rotary Club of Stanthorpe 
P.O. Box 139 Stanthorpe Q 4380                                  
Mob: 0428229153 
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Ann Richardson
Presentation of Sapphire PHF from Rotary Club of Stanthorpe
Ann Richardson  has been an influential member of our Stanthorpe Rotary Club since she joined the Satellite Flexitime Club in 2017.
Ann has been the chair of our Satellite Club Flexitime for the past two years.  She set up the Domino’s project to develop and connect our youth. Ann has been the mentor for the Stanthorpe Interact Club; a very committed member of the Membership Committee and a Spooky Walk organiser since its inception, to name just a few examples of her high level involvement.
Ann’s organisational and culinary skills are legendary and never more so than with the Sunshine Coast Cravenness Dinner at the Glen Aplin Hall.
Ann has ensured that the Satellite group was strongly connected to the Monday night members through her regular attendance and participation at Monday night meetings.  She even provided the meals for the club on the alternate Mondays when the International Club staff were not rostered on. How would we have coped at our Board Meetings without Ann providing a supper for us?  She was the driving force and inspiration for the Rotary Float at the A&G where we won our section.
Thank you Ann for the amazing energy and enthusiasm, innovative ideas and organisational skills you have provided to our Rotary club. You demonstrate, through your life and service, the ideals of the Rotary Foundation and are an inspiration to us all.
Please congratulate Ann as she is presented with a Sapphire PHF by DG Andy and Regional Rotary Foundation Chair Tony Heading
Congratulations to our newest Paul Harris Fellow who has clearly demonstrated in his life, a commitment to helping people in need in the Granite Belt.
Russell  is married  for 26 years to Samantha and is dad to three daughters and four grandchildren who are the absolute light of his life. 
He has lived in Stanthorpe all his life and is part of a generational family on the Granite Belt on both sides of his family.  His grandfather was actually given a soldiers settlement block at Amiens after returning from Gallipoli in WW1. 
He started Granite Belt Water Relief (GBWR) after seeing a family bucketing water from Storm King Dam to bathe and wash and literally on the spot decided that something needed to be done and so started a charity to give away water.  As he works for Lindsay Bros transport he has many contacts in the transport industry and so it just seemed a natural fit.
There are  over 50 volunteers  working at GBWR and Russell has really struck up important friendships with some of them. To date over 10,000 million litres of bulk water and over 500 pallets of bottled water have been distributed to residents across the Granite Belt.
What started out as water has grown to food, clothing, toys, boots etc. As Samantha says: “ Every time any of us say that might be a little too hard Russell, you can guarantee he will make it happen.”
Russell doesn't take no for an answer and he really believes in the underdog.  it really hits hard when he sees our local residents struggling.
There were weeks when there was not enough water and so instead of saying no to someone, he would grab a friend and a Lindsay Bros. truck and after having worked a 15 hours day, drive back to get more water so people had their quota. 
Russell truly  exemplifies ‘Service above Self
Granite Belt Water Relief is back in business at the Old Landmark Building.  IPP Fran Hodgson was there to present the receiver and distributor of the water to Russell Wantling who has worked tirelessly with Samantha Wantling and their many volunteers during the drought and until it is over.  Its not over yet! There was a lot of action this morning with Archerfield Rotary Club (Dean Brothers) George Dean delivered the load that took his milestone to 3 million litres of water delivered during the drought, to the town of Stanthorpe.  Senator Paul Scarr was there to congratulate the leaders and their team on an amazing inspirational effort.
He also brought along the Brisbane Rotarians who put on their fabulous Butter Chicken.
Alongside them were our Stanthorpe Rotary Club members who got there early for handing out the free BBQ sausage sizzle to volunteers and water collectors.  Chanel 7 was also there.
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