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June 2020
Rotary News and Stories
Welcome to Rotary Karl Foskett.  Inducted on Tuesday 19th May along with his fellow Satellite Club members.
Thank you to PDG Ross Smith for joining Rotary Club of Stanthorpe's Monday zoom meeting.
He gave us a very informative presentation on Malaria and encouraged us to support the Griffith University in their endeavour to find a vaccine.
Malaria claims 438,000 deaths a day mainly children under 5.  Way more than our current COVID19.
Everybody in the group had a special story about the hat they were wearing, all wonderful stories, but Ross chose the winner as the Army Cap story from Jim Baxter.  "The cap has outlived the Super"  

Anna Henderson – YEP student sponsored by the Rotary Club of Stanthorpe is going to Italy on 17/01/2020. Anna has just attended her last briefing meeting before she leaves for her exchange. There are 150 Qld students leaving from the airport to their exchanges. All of the students are travelling to Singapore, then from Singapore they are separating to the countries that they are going to. Anna is going to Cremorna, an hour south of Milan. Her first host is a 61 year old single mother who has had many exchange students in the past. Past students shared their opinions at the recent briefing about being an exchange student. Anna has also met with the current inbound students. As an exchange student you need to give a presentation to the exchange club. Anna was required to share it in the host country language. Anna displayed the blazer that she is wearing as a part of the exchange with the badges she has received from the other YEP students. We wish Anna the very best for her exchange to Italy.

Nicole Clark, on behalf of the Satellite Rotary Club, presented to The Summit State School with a set of 24 Early Reader Series books which have been written for the Australian Curriculum in Science and Maths. These books are an initiative of Griffith University in collaboration with Rotary District 9640 and P&Cs Qld. The children in the Prep - 2 class eagerly selected a book at reading time and immediately engaged with their new reading material. The illustrations are clear and it is the intention that on return of the book after reading, the children will respond with a comprehension exercise about the book they have read. This will help the teacher gauge the value of these books. If the Club gets positive reports back, the intention is to provide more of these books to other schools in our area.
 We had a very enjoyable evening at St. Joey’s   on Monday night - great company, great food and         amazing pieces of work created by all the students  present.  Well done to the students, teachers, Jim ,    and Jim Baxter who was the judge.
to the place getters runner up Joshua Rowen for his welding table and
winner Brayden Spiller for his metal dog cage.
A lot of time and effort has gone into crafting their award winning masterpieces.  
and thanks
to their Teacher Scott Stone
On Thursday afternoon I had a call from Samantha Wantling from Granite Belt Water Relief.
This is the group who distribute bulk water for stock, some domestic drinking water (20 X 1 L packs and 10 L bottles), dogfood, and some groceries  for the most needy.
They are based at the old Landmark building at Applethorpe and open on Wednesday afternoon and Saturday morning.
Sam asked if Rotary could cook a BBQ Saturday morning.  They provided the BBQ, tent, tools, all the meat+salad+bread.  All we had to do was cook and serve.
I accepted the request and Jim Baxter and I were in attendance from 8 am to 11.15 am.
We cooked a swag of sausages and steaks and served probably 150 people. 
Their operation is well organized and there are some great people involved.
It was an eye opener seeing some of the folk who are obviously struggling.  Some are not struggling financially but just need stock water.   Water is pumped into 1,000 litres pods on the back of utes and trucks, or on trailers.  They filled 110 on Saturday and 70 on Wednesday.  Most people also took 20 litres of drinking water.  Over 200,000 litres in a week !
There is a very empathetic team of ladies in the office who did the paperwork (its very well organized),  counselled when needed to, and distributed some laundry vouchers on Rotary’s behalf (14 in total).  The ladies are good at recognizing who is in need and provided quiet and dignified charity. They have a room set up as a pantry and when I went to the kitchen to get more BBQ supplies I noticed how they quietly ushered a few ladies into it, gave them some shopping bags and closed the door.  I saw several ladies leave in tears of gratitude.
I was privy to one person reporting how they had had 2 horses put down this week due to lack of feed and water.
Some families had a car full of children and were only too glad to get a free sausage on bread!
There was donation tin and probably collected $40 which we gave to Samantha for next week’s supplies.
We had to say to nearly every person “Would you like a free breakfast?”  or “why don’t you let me cook you a free burger while your pod is filling?”  or “ hello, how are you,  don’t leave without getting a free sausage on bread”.   We actually would walk down the queue of utes and talk to them and their family thru the car window to coax them out.  Charity makes many people shy but a kind word from a Rotarian, an un-judgmental smile and kind word helps.  Just like our plant voucher gifts sometimes its just symbolic.  A free feed and treating someone with helpful dignity allows them to leave with a bit more than just some water and dogfood.
This was an opportunity to
  1. Do some community service.
  2. Assist another group who is really helping the community
  3. Fly the Rotary flag by wearing our shirts and aprons, we had the Rotary table cloth and the pull-up banner.
As always no good works ever happen without helping both the giver and receiver.  Jim and I both felt the ups and downs when one is involved in front line charity.
I will give a short report on Monday night, but I am suggesting that Rotary provides the man-power for this task every Saturday morning for as long as this drought goes on.  The longer it goes the greater the need will become unfortunately.
It only needs 2 people.  Any more and its wasted labour and you would get underfoot of the hive of activity out there.
I’m happy to do some regular Saturdays and Peta will make up the team of 2 (she was in Gundy today).   I’m thinking Jim will line up again too.
Please consider this Community Service opportunity.
Best regards,  Stephen T.
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